Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Ruby Rose slay case (Update)

Manila, Philippines - Iglesia Ni Cristo is a political cult. INC would usually be seen and heard meddling political issues here in the Philippines. Iglesia Ni Cristo was a close ally of the Philippine worse president Gloria Arroyo. Around the month of March of the same year, 2010, news reports said that INC might be intervening in the Ruby Rose slay case. The reason is that one of the suspects is an INC member. Suspect-turned-state witness Manuel Montero said that Lope Jimenez became a member of the INC to protect his fishing business. The witness said that it was Manuel Jimenez II and Lope Jimenez were the ones who allegedly ordered him to abduct and kill Ruby Rose. Ruby Rose is the sister of former beauty queen Rochelle Barrameda.

Before the GMA administration ended and before the previous DOJ secretary Agnes Devanadera stepped down; Devanadera excluded Lope Jimenez as a suspect in the Ruby Rose slay case. A move in which the current DOJ secretary Leila De Lima recently reversed. Basing on the testimony of the witness, Justice Secretary De Lima said that it appears Lope Jimenez is most guilty. It should be remembered that Ruby's dead body was found inside a steel drum filled with cement and thrown in to the Navotas fish port in June 2009. Such a cruel act.

I'd like to praise Justice Secretary Leila De Lima for reversing the previous decision of ex-DOJ Agnes Devanadera. A known fighter, Sec. Leila De Lima is actually handling a case which involves the fishing magnate Lope Jimenez and probably with the special participation of the INC cult. Since the report about the involvement of INC about the Ruby Rose slay case surfaced early this year, I have not heard or read any official statement from the Iglesia Ni Cristo regarding this matter. This type of high-profile cases really deserves the attention of the INC administration. Remember the INC case where Iglesia Ni Cristo members were proven guilty of killing PUP students inside INC chapel? The INC church with their leader then Erano Manalo defended the suspects with their INC lawyers. INC members being dragged in the courts of law is quite an embarrassment to INC who holds their image very dearly.

Under the Noynoy Aquino administration, the INC's political influence may have in serious cloud of doubt right now, since Eduardo Manalo has reportedly withdrawn their support already to the current administration. The Ruby Rose slay case is getting more interesting. Let's just hope that the proper justice should be rendered to those who deserve it. I hope that any political cult or group of any individual should not be involved in this case.


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