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Iglesia Ni Cristo Anak TV Awards

Manila, Philippines - I do not know anyone from our neighborhood who watches Iglesia Ni Cristo's channel NET 25. The INC reputation to us is pretty bad. From bad-mouth INC Preachers up to Catholic attacking bloggers, no one even dares to make a glance of NET 25. I myself, is not an avid watcher of TV but I certainly prefer watching ABS-CBN Channel 2, GMA Channel 7 and the hippie ABC 5. Kapamilya, Kapuso and Kapatid. I will not allow to be fooled to watch the self-serving INC preachers teaching us their weird doctrines. I am certainly against block voting of Iglesia Ni Cristo. I am certainly against the INC doctrine of enforcing conversion of religion before someone can get married to INC member. I am certainly against the INC doctrine that Felix Manalo is an angel and Jesus Christ is just a man. For these reasons, I do not watch NET 25. I can spend my time more productively than watching Iglesia Ni Cristo NET 25 channel. I don't want to waste my time watching NET 25. Pure garbage. The INC preachers and members are so annoying.

IGLESIA NI CRISTO: Church at the Crossroads

PCIJ reported
... In December 1998, Estrada fired Jackie Cruz as chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission, reportedly because Cruz had rejected INC's application for a UHF television bandwidth. Instead, another licensee was given an expanded frequency application. Cruz was replaced by Joseph Santiago, who described the circumstances surrounding his predecessor's ouster at a briefing at the American Chamber of Commerce in March 1999.

I guess since from the start, INC Channel NET 25 did not impressed me at all.

December 8, 2010 - Iglesia Ni Cristo NET25 programs that are Anak TV 2010 awardees: Ang Iglesia ni Cristo, Ang Pagbubunyag, Bundesliga, Chronicles, Discover Germany, Global 3000, Homepage, I-Balita, Iglesia ni Cristo and the Bible, In Focus, In Good Shape, I-News, Journal News, Landmarks, Moments, On Set, Pasugo with Church News, Red Carpet, Spoon, Tomorrow Today, and Tribe.

Janice de Belen, a well-known Iglesia Ni Cristo member attended the awarding ceremony since no other award-giving body took notice of INC programs. What I am currently wondering is how come that the INC religious programs received ANAK TV awards when the INC doctrines directly violates moral and logical thinking. I want Filipino children and every children in the world to grow up right. I don't want to Feed Their Minds with garbage. Children should be thought and be allowed to grow up with correct moral and spiritual values. Does children even watches religious programs? Does INC religious programs worth of being suggested to children to be watched?

Iglesia Ni Cristo doctrine
• allows their members to smoke cigarettes
• constantly attack Catholics and Protestants
• moral values cannot even be seen with some INC members

Iglesia Ni Cristo members beat up Pentecostal members (I don't want my kids to grow up as bullies)

As Filipino Cults site suggested that
Iglesia Ni Cristo is not for Children...

I don’t want to see my kids to be smoking cigarettes one day when they grow up. How can I prohibit by kids not to smoke if I am an INC member and we can see INC members and INC pastors smoking cigarettes outside the INC chapel before church gatherings? Solution: we should not join INC cult. INC pastors and members are bad influences to children.

PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH, that's what they often say. That is simply not applicable to Iglesia Ni Cristo. How can we even teach to our children the biblical teaching of loving our enemies when we are clear witnesses how INC treats their enemies? INC members are vicious and brutal to non-INC members. Sometimes, I watch the Iglesia Ni Cristo channel and always see the INC ministers cursing other religious groups.

Reading Philippine news is no different. We can see often how brutal INC members by reading those cruel crimes, murder, rape and other curse-able acts. During elections, INC is also active in establishing their political connections to the candidates. Browsing the internet is more embarrassing for any INC members to see. INC bloggers and forum members have foul mouths in spreading lies and attacking their enemies. We cannot see any "official" INC website but the INC members are very active in defending their doctrine and attacking Catholics and Protestants. INC members, do you kiss your mother with those dirty mouths of yours?

I sincerely believe that these bad-mouth INC members just acquired their coursing habits from the INC chapels. Religion changes people. Religion changes how people think and behaves. Most INC members came from Roman Catholic Church. Sad to say is that, people are getting worse in leaving the Catholic Church and joining Iglesia Ni Cristo. INC members are more cruel and getting less intolerant for the beliefs of others. People have different beliefs and faith but Iglesia Ni Cristo just can't simply honor that right to us. They will silence the enemies that they consider a threat to their organization. They will kill anybody who will dishonor Felix Manalo, Erano Manalo and the Iglesia Ni Cristo as a whole. INC murder crimes are all over the news. I don't to see my children learning values from this kind of cruel and unforgiving cult organization. I don't want to see my kids someday being dictated by the INC cult on what to do, who they should marry and who should they vote on election ballots. We are leaving in a democratic country.

Violence is being bred from the INC chapels. They show no "real" mercy to non-INC members. How can we expect love from people who considers us to be destined to burn in hell? I might as well be involved with religious group who shows compassion, love and care to others; irregardless of religious affiliations. I mean, we should not ask anyone what's their religion first, and then we will decide to help or not. Love encompasses to our fellowman, enemies or not. Good Virtues should be taught to the children while they are young. Children should grow up seeing good examples from their parents, teachers and in church. Pastors have great responsibilities to be examples to out children. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a cult not advisable to children. Iglesia Ni Cristo chapels are breeding ground for hate, crime, political hunger and biblical fallacies that should be stayed away from children. Rated triple XXX and not advisable to children and even for adults. Iglesia Ni Cristo will damage your mind, your heart and your soul.
Love your children, Keep them away from Iglesia Ni Cristo.

I don't like any kid to grow up like INC Congressman Rodante Marcoleta.

I don't like any kid to grow up like INC member Arlyn Dela Cruz.

I don't like any kid to grow up like ex-NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco.

I don't like any kid to grow up like INC member LTO Chief Virginia Torres.

I don't want any kids to grow up as Iglesia Ni Cristo members.

 For Additional Reading:

Iglesia Ni Cristo NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco

Manila, Philippines - Recent Iglesia Ni Cristo government official and appointments have never been impressive. From INC Congressman Rodante Marcoleta, INC member NBI Chief Magtanggol Gatdula and to another INC member, LTO chief Virginia Torres. The performance of these government officials certainly reflects to INC cult. Do you think INC members should be proud on having these 'public servants' as their 'brothers' and 'sisters' in INC church? I have never seen any INC blogsites who proudly boasts the accomplishments of INC government official and appointments. I am not saying that INC members are humble fanatics. INC members are usually proud about their chapels and their direct condemnation to Catholics. I guess, it's just that there's really nothing to be proud of with the INC government appointments and official. Iglesia Ni Cristo is certainly silent about INC Congressman Rodante Marcoleta. Iglesia Ni Cristo is certainly silent about LTO chief Virginia Torres with her STRADCOM and LTO fiasco. But INC, openly supported the appointment of former Quezon City police chief Magtanggol Gatdula as NBI chief.

Why is Iglesia Ni Cristo keen on appointment in NBI chief post?
Magtanggol Gatdula is not the first INC member to be NBI chief.
(deceased) NBI chief Reynaldo Wycoco was also an INC member.

Which decided me to look back on how the Filipino people remembers Reynaldo Wycoco as an NBI chief.

• NBI chief Reynaldo Wycoco and Acsa Ramirez

Whistleblower of multimillion-peso tax scam of Land Bank of the Philippines, Acsa Ramirez suffered an unimaginable humiliation under the hands of Gloria Arroyo and NBI chief Reynaldo Wycoco. Acsa Ramirez was mistakenly pointed by Gloria Arroyo as a suspect instead of a whistleblower during a press conference. Instead of clearing things up, Arroyo and Wycoco tried to show Acsa Ramirez as a suspect related to the tax scam but the NBI and Wycoco failed to do so. Later on, Arroyo was forced to apologize to Acsa Ramirez for the embarrassing mistake that have been made. Under Reynaldo Wycoco, the NBI was embarrassed by a huge mistake of presenting a whistleblower as a suspect. If Reynaldo Wycoco had a 'delicadeza', he should have resigned immediately after Arroyo admitted the mistake. If Reynaldo Wycoco have been taught by Iglesia Ni Cristo to admit mistakes and to avoid lying to impress Gloria Arroyo, he should have resigned immediately after Arroyo admitted the mistake. Imagine, NBI can't even point the difference of a whistleblower and a crime suspect. How embarrassing for National Bureau of Investigation to fail in such a simple case. Shame on INC member Reynaldo Wycoco. Two Thumbs up for Whistleblower Acsa Ramirez.


• NBI chief Reynaldo Wycoco Faizal Marohombsar


...The Ramirez incident is the second time that the NBI, under Wycoco, has been put under bad light because of its release of false or misleading information or kuryente in Filipino journalistic parlance.

On July 26, Wycoco had reportedly alerted the President while she was in Sarangani that alleged Pentagon gang leader Faizal Marohombsar was already in government custody. Wycoco’s information immediately prompted Mrs. Arroyo to announce the fall of Marohombsar, which was later proven to be incorrect.

Marohombsar denied Wycoco’s claims in a radio interview...

Editoryal - Wow talaga ang mga mali!

Noong Biyernes, napadaan sa National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) si Mrs. Arroyo at ipinirisinta sa kanya ni NBI director Reynaldo Wycoco ang suspect sa P203 billion tax scam sa Landbank. Ang suspect na ipinirisinta kay Mrs. Arroyo ay si Acsa Ramirez, cashier ng Landbank Binangonan Branch.

Subalit mali! Si Ramirez pala ang "whistle blower" sa nasabing anomalya. Akala umano niya ay iko-congratulate siya ng Presidente kaya siya tinawag at pinaupo sa unahan iyon pala ay isa siya sa mga suspect. Umiyak nang umiyak si Ramirez sa pagkakataong iyon sapagkat nakatutok sa kanya ang TV camera. Kitang-kita ang mukha niya.

Umano’y nag-sorry na ang NBI sa kanilang pagkakamali at kapalpakan subalit humihingi si Ramirez ng public apology. Tungkol sa maling pagkakaprisinta sa kanya ng Presidente, sinabi ng abogado ni Ramirez na na kay Arroyo na kung hihingi ito ng paumanhin.

Hindi ito ang unang pagkakamali ng NBI. Ayon sa isang opisyal ng Malacañang, ang NBI rin ang nagbigay ng maling impormasyon kay Arroyo tungkol sa pagkakahuli sa Pentagon Gang leader na si Faizal Marohombsar noong July 26. Wala naman palang katotohanan ang pagkakadakip.

• NBI chief Reynaldo Wycoco, Panfilo Lacson and the FBI.

After the embarrassing mistakes of NBI under the leadership of INC member Reynaldo Wycoco, I think the other issue worth mentioning is the serious breach of security committed by Wycoco to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of America. I think the Acsa Ramirez and Faizal Marohombsar mistakes of NBI are nothing, compared to the breach of security made by Wycoco in search of information for Panfilo Lacson. I was quite surprised how brave and bold Wycoco to do such an act. Not only did Wycoco broke the trust of FBI to the Philippine authorities but Wycoco also embarrassed the Philippine nation for being dishonest. I think even INC members should not be proud of Reynaldo Wycoco for being an Iglesia Ni Cristo member. I am not even proud of Reynaldo Wycoco as being a Filipino. Please continue reading the whole article below about the breach of security made by Wycoco in the FBI when he visited the United States of America.

I am not sure if Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of America should also take a look at the Iglesia Ni Cristo political church because the Philippine for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) also reported that Iglesia Ni Cristo ...The INC has always resisted any attempts to encroach into its physical space. Military intelligence sources say that the Iglesia has 1,000 to 2,000 high-caliber firearms in its armory, apart from guns owned by individual members who include soldiers and policemen. In September 1972, INC members shot at and killed three Marine soldiers who were part of a contingent sent by Marcos to shut down the church's DZEC radio tower. Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church at the Crossroads)

FBI ‘blacklists’ NBI’s Wycoco

The Justice department and the National Bureau of Investigation under the Arroyo administration can no longer expect any kind of cooperation from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after a serious breach of security was committed by Philippine officials, led by NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco.

The NBI and, by extension, the Department of Justice (DoJ) have been placed on the blacklist of the FBI which has reportedly cut its ties with its Philippine counterpart, the NBI, in protest over what it described as a “deceptive” ploy by Wycoco during his visit to the United States last May, the Tribune learned from its sources yesterday.

The FBI’s reference to Wycoco’s “deceptive ploy” was the video footage showing the meeting held between Wycoco and Kyle Latimer, legal counsel of the US Attorney General’s Office, which agency has administrative supervision over the FBI.

The Justice department and the National Bureau of Investigation under the Arroyo administration can no longer expect any kind of cooperation from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after a serious breach of security was committed by Philippine officials, led by NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco.

The NBI and, by extension, the Department of Justice (DoJ) have been placed on the blacklist of the FBI which has reportedly cut its ties with its Philippine counterpart, the NBI, in protest over what it described as a “deceptive” ploy by Wycoco during his visit to the United States last May, the Tribune learned from its sources yesterday.

The FBI’s reference to Wycoco’s “deceptive ploy” was the video footage showing the meeting held between Wycoco and Kyle Latimer, legal counsel of the US Attorney General’s Office, which agency has administrative supervision over the FBI.

Sources from the Philippine Embassy in Washington disclosed to the Tribune that the FBI leadership was outraged by the existence of the videotaped meeting and its subsequent public showing over Philippine television.

The meeting was apparently filmed in secret with a hidden camera by an aide of Wycoco, without the knowledge and consent of the American legal counsel and other American officials present during that meeting, the sources disclosed.

The video showed Latimer answering questions posed by Wycoco on the alleged bank accounts in the US of Sen. Panfilo Lacson.

The well-placed Tribune sources said Latimer and the FBI were not aware that one of Wycoco’s aides, who was later identified as Mike Magtanggol, was secretly filming the meeting which lasted some 45 minutes.

The digital video camera was reportedly hidden inside Magtanggol’s attaché case.

NBI sources told the Tribune that Magtanggol is not an organic NBI agent although he is seen almost every day hanging around Wycoco’s office at the NBI headquarters in Manila.

Records show that Magtanggol is the production head of the NBI Files, a weekly talk show hosted by Wycoco and television anchor Cristina Pecson, aired Tuesdays over a government-sequestered channel.

The secret filming by Magtanggol, obviously done with the knowledge and consent of Wycoco, was denounced by the FBI, the sources said.

“The FBI was so outraged because they (the officials) considered the act as a deceptive ploy by Director Wycoco and a violation of the trust and confidence being given by the US agency to the NBI chief,” the sources said.

The same sources said Wycoco’s act also undermined the security inside the FBI since it was a clear breach of security inside what is supposed to be a highly secured federal building.

Outraged by what was clearly a breach of security and confidence, the FBI official in the country reportedly barged into Wycoco’s office and gave him a piece of his mind.

The NBI sources confirmed that Jim Nixon, the FBI chief legal attaché to the Philippines, went to Wycoco’s office the day after the video was shown over ABS-CBN and GMA-7.

During the meeting, Nixon was described as “fuming mad” over the videotape which talked about Lacson’s bank accounts amounting to some $200,000, not the millions of dollars as alleged by military intelligence chief Col. Victor Corpus of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (Isafp), and Wycoco himself, who had claimed as early as eight months ago that his counterpart, the FBI, had furnished him a report on Lacson’s alleged bank accounts which Wycoco claimed held “huge” amounts in the millions, which he said would serve as the grounds to file money-laundering charges as well as plunder against Lacson.

“Jim Nixon was really angry during the meeting in Wycoco’s office. As a matter of fact, he was recalled to the US by his superiors to discuss the matter and the decision arrived at by the FBI officials was to sever their ties with the NBI as long as Wycoco sits as director,” a reliable source disclosed to the Tribune.

The source added the FBI is strict when it comes to confidential and secret matters, specially when these are passed on to its foreign counterparts, like the NBI.

“Once you are blacklisted by the FBI, there is no appeal. When the trust they (FBI) reposed on you has been betrayed, you’re blacklisted for life,” an NBI official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

Nixon, the source said, is also head of the US Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force (JATTF) in the Philippines.

The JATTF, which was formed after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, is composed of the FBI, US Port Police and the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Earlier, DoJ Secretary Hernando Perez played up the probe conducted by the Senate blue ribbon committee which focused on the alleged bank deposits amounting to close to $1 billion which was claimed by the Isafp chief to belong to Lacson

Perez claimed that he had obtained some damaging reports on Lacson’s alleged records but that he was just waiting for the official records from the US Department of Justice.

An official from the US Embassy told the Tribune that Perez was “lying through his teeth.”

The embassy official said the US DoJ was unlikely to even think of turning over any document to Perez, or Wycoco, for that matter, since the US government does not want its agencies’ confidential documents to be used by a foreign country, like the Philippines, for what was obviously a “political play.”

The same official expressed “horror” at the way Perez and Wycoco were using the name of the FBI and the US Justice department for “political purposes.”

It was learned that the video of the meeting, which was reportedly heavily spliced by the NBI to make it appear that the meeting was focused on the Lacson dollar accounts, was discovered to have been leaked by Wycoco to a select group of sympathetic reporters making up Wycoco’s media clique in Camp Crame .

They were given explicit orders not to drag the NBI in the videotape leakage.

This was the reason the broadsheet reporter who leaked the video to ABS-CBN and GMA-7 made it appear that the video came from Isafp’s Corpus.

• In short •
Iglesia Ni Cristo NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco was a failure,
an embarassment to the Filipino people

Iglesia Ni Cristo LTO Chief Virginia Torres

Manila, Philippines - What kind of Government officials does Iglesia Ni Cristo produce? Look at INC member Congressman Rodante Marcoleta. Our honorable(?) Congressman Marcoleta ate with Gloria Arroyo in expensive restaurants in New York while the Filipino people are eating noodles and sardines. Marcoleta even had a nerve to imply that the Catholic Church as a threat to national security during the deliberation of the Reproductive health bill. Marcoleta also failed to support the Freedom of Information Bill for being absent or late or did not voted for the much needed law aimed for the full disclosure of transactions involving public interest. This is how the INC member Congressman Rodante Marcoleta will be remembered by the Filipino people as a government official. It's a good thing I did not wasted my vote for Congressman Rodante Marcoleta. I think it is more embarrassing for INC how their favorite anointed president Gloria Arroyo turned out to be. What kind of teachings / doctrines that the INC teaches to a guy like Rodante Marcoleta?

Iglesia Ni Cristo and Reproductive Health Bill No. 3773
Iglesia Ni Cristo Congressman Rodante Marcoleta 

Here comes another government official who is an INC member. (Land Transportation Office) LTO chief, Assistant Transport Secretary Virginia Torres. Recent headlines detailed how some people tried to take over the Stradcom office, by force. Stradcom is the exclusive information technology (IT) provider of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Stradcom showed video footages caught by closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras includes INC member Virginia Torres entered the Stradcom facility with some people who took over Stradcom office for six hours. LTO Chief Virgie Torres said that she is just 'securing the database of LTO'. In my opinion, I think that is a very lame excuse and Stradcom has a point to file a case against Virgie Torres. How dare she entered the office of Stradcom to secure the database when she can simply order policemen or security personnel to do so? And the event was a siege, a violent trespassing and lawless takeover of a private company. Iglesia Ni Cristo member Virginia Torres have really lot of explaining to do.

I wonder why Iglesia Ni Cristo political cult group allowing themselves to be embarrassed by this kind of fiasco? Are INC members proud of having an INC congressman like Rodante Marcoleta? Are INC members proud of having a government official like LTO Chief Virginia Torres? Is this LTO-STRADCOM issue have got something to do with the suspicious Driver’s license printer contract of Amalgamated Motors Inc. (Ampi), owned by a senior member of the INC? [link] Inquirer.net: Driver’s license printer has no contract with LTO. 

I just like to ask,
Is Iglesia Ni Cristo planning a total takeover of the all LTO contracts which costs billions of Pesos through the years?

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Iglesia Ni Cristo Pagsamba - Air-conditioned House of Worship

Manila Philippines - Until now, Iglesia Ni Cristo have no official web site that shares their doctrines or provide their really official number of members. INC members are usually being told that they are millions spreading across the globe but so far, we have NOT seen multitudes of Non-Filipino INC members. The doctrine of INC that only INC members will be saved is outrageous. The total population of people around the globe now is around 7 billion and here is Iglesia Ni Cristo claim that only INC members (mostly Filipinos) will be saved. The INC administration is secretive on their real total numbers. Their doctrine is also hidden on their church chapels that all visitors are invited to attend their church gatherings. People have to attend the INC worship and prayer meeting services to be informed about INC doctrines. Some INC members publish their own blogsites but we cannot treat them us official unless it came from the INC official Pasugo publication.

Air-conditioned House of Worship

For now, I think the most effective way for INC to increase their membership is the doctrine that INC members cannot marry other people with different faith. We can usually see some Catholics have to be converted to INC before they can marry their fiancée. A tactic that is keeping the INC membership alive. For inviting people to attend INC gatherings, INC has to do more aside from enforcing INC conversion to couples. The INC solution is predictable: They made some of their Iglesia Ni Cristo chapels AIR-CONDITIONED to attract people. INC is giving people relaxation on their body while corrupting the hearts and mind of the people about their doctrine. Ask any INC members and they will admit that they are also sick of being reiterated over and over again in a weekly basis that their pastors always preach that Felix Manalo is an angel, Iglesia Ni Cristo is a group of chosen luck people and only INC will be saved.

Here are some of airconditioned house of worship in Manila according to pagsamba blogspot:

Central (Commonwealth), Jackson (Makati area), Luzon (Commonwealth),
Evangelista (Makati area), Belair (Makati area - to be airconditioned)

Aside from enticing people with the Iglesia Ni Cristo Air-conditioned House of Worship and enforcing marriages, INC is trying their luck to further invite people inside their INC chapels by publishing pagsamba schedules of their locales. I happen to see a pagsamba blogspot account trying to encourage INC locales to release their pagsamba schedules. It is an unofficial blog account by an INC member trying to spread the word about their worship services. I guess the INC blogger felt the need to divulge their worship services since lesser and lesser people are now attending INC worship services. I am witness to this since an INC chapel near our place is getting less busy during Sundays. I fell pity for the Iglesia Ni Cristo in thinking that people will join them by using airconditioned House of Worships. If they installed the air-conditioning system of their chapels for the relaxation of their members, I think the INC administration should put money to where it belongs, to help people in their hunger and poverty. I mean, there are a lot of INC members living in poverty, some of them are tricycle drivers, office workers and other low-salary jobs. Spending a lot of money on air-conditioning system is a waste of money. I think the Bible is not instructing us to erect air conditioned chapels but to help the needy ones. That's a Christian thing to do, to help others, not to build air conditioned chapels.

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Iglesia Ni Cristo and Ping Lacson

Also in those meetings were Estrada's son and San Juan Mayor Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito, columnist Herman Tiu Laurel, and Lito Banayo, Estrada's political affairs adviser and now media consultant of Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson. El Shaddai representatives were invited as well.

At the same time, the INC is lending discreet support to Lacson's political base-building efforts. On our provincial visits, "someone would whisper to us and say we should drop by the Iglesia head chapel," a Lacson aide revealed. Lacson now calls on the Iglesia on every provincial sortie, said the aide.

The directive to support Lacson comes from INC executive minister, Eraño 'Ka Erdie' Manalo himself. "Ang bilin daw ni Ka Erdie, 'si Ping, suportahan ng todo-todo. 'Yan ang papalit kay Erap,'" said the aide. (Ka Erdie said, 'Let us give Ping our full support. He is likely to succeed Erap.')

PCIJ http://www.pcij.org/stories/2002/inc.html