Monday, August 30, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Congressman Rodante Marcoleta

Manila, Philippines - Political cult, Iglesia Ni Cristo Alagad partylist Rep. Rodante Marcoleta has been recently assigned to be part of the powerful Commission on Appointments. Speaker Feliciano Belmonte nominated Marcoleta on the 12-member House contingent to the commission. I am just not happy why Belmonte nominated Marcoleta. The history of the 3rd-rate congressman Marcoleta is less impressive, in fact, it is very disappointing. Iglesia Ni Cristo should be embarrassed on what Marcoleta is displaying in the Philippine congress as an INC member. Ordinary Filipinos perceives Filipino politicians as corrupt and lazy. (no need to mention the Absenteeism in the Philippine Congress led by Cong. Jules Ledesma). Pork Barrel funds is also an always issue with the lawmakers. Pork Barrel is commonly believed to be the source of major corruption in the Philippines.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Angels and Demons

INC members are Catholic attackers. They ruthlessly malign people and mock other religious doctrines. I think we cannot find any other funnier religious doctrine aside from the Iglesia Ni Cristo. They claimed that the Big Four of the World War 1 are the four angels from the book of Revelations while Felix Manalo (the alleged rapist of Rosita Trillanes) as an angel. This is absolutely ridiculous and hilarious!!! Based on the Revelations 7:1-3, the other angel was able to cry with a loud voice to the four angels. Felix Manalo was not even able to speak with the leaders of the four great nations of USA, Britain, Italy and France in 1919.

Also, one of the basic INC teachings is to admonish Catholics and Protestants. Iglesia Ni Cristo rejects the deity of Christ, the Catholic Church and the protestants. The INC members would always attack other religions in order to cover up their cult teachings.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo and Christmas

Does Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrate Christmas Day?

I don't know but what I am aware of, is that the INC founder Felix Manalo have received the office of being a Pastor and as a "Tagapamahala ng Iglesia" on December 25, 1918. The 5th anniversary of Iglesia Ni Kristo on December 25, 1918 confirms that INC indeed, started in 1913 and not 1914. This is also a clear and logical argument that INC may have started as a "church" in December 25, 1913 since the Pasugo (July 27, 1989) stated that the first fruits of his preaching were baptized at the Pasig River in late 1913.

If the Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrates the January 1 New Years Day, I think it would be acceptable (for INC) to also celebrate the INC anniversary during December 25, as Felix Manalo have previously celebrated also.

Tantrum of INC Eduardo Manalo

Manila, Philippines - Eduardo Manalo is showing tantrums on lack of his expected respect on government appointments under the Noynoy Aquino administration. Under the previous Gloria Arroyo regime, Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) enjoyed a comfortable accommodation. But things are different right now. The Philippines has a new president which is convincingly voted by the Filipino people unlike Gloria Arroyo. Eduardo Manalo is also a new INC leader who inherited the leadership from his father who passed away last year. Eduardo Manalo has still a lot to prove. Inheriting leadership should be proved more than having the same blood of your ancestors. As a leader, you have to display the needed character which it appears that Eduardo Manalo is lacking. The childish attitude of Eduardo Manalo shows how weak the INC religious cult nowadays. In the first place, why would a religious leader be involved in government appointments? Why Eduardo Manalo be disappointed if his recommendations for government appointments were not followed by the Philippine president? (It has been reported that INC endorsed/pushed the appointment of the director of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)).

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo News Update

4th week of July, 2010
Cult leader of Iglesia Ni Cristo, Eduardo Manalo was reported to be "involved" in endorsing/pushing their preferred senator for the position of Senate president. The move of Eduardo Manalo received negative critics to some politicians.
4th week of July, 2010
The 96th anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo was less jubilant (compared to their 95th anniversary) with the continued decrease of INC membership and the death of Erano Manalo last year. Vacant seats can be seen in every INC locations of their celebration. Thanks to the "akay" or visitors of the INC members, they "barely" filled remote points of the INC celebration. Politicians use paid advertisements in greeting INC cult with their celebration.

3rd week of July, 2010
Exposed: INC excessive expenditures of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult of buying expensive properties in the USA in the middle of growing poverty here in the Philippines

3rd week of July, 2010
Iglesia Ni Cristo is again involved to be the endorser of an INC member to the government appointment of the NBI director.

2nd week of July 2010
An expose came out that the INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta was actually one of the government officials who dine with Gloria Arroyo in Le Cirque New York last year. The news incident was reported by an INC member in zimbio but tried to hide it in his INC blogsite

1st week of July 2010
The Philippine president elect Noynoy Aquino made a quick visit to INC office on the eve of his inauguration. The press was caught unaware of the event. After the INC support for Noynoy in the last election, it is still unconfirmed if the INC is the one who initiated or insisted the surprise visit to INC headquarters.

4th week of June 2010
An expose was reported that Charice Pempengco and her mother was actually from INC cult group. They have decided to leave Iglesia Ni Cristo because of their bitter experiences with Charice' drug addict father who happens to be an INC member.

May 2010
Iglesia Ni Cristo cult was busy in the Philippine national election. Politicians would usually make visits to the INC headquarters to beg Eduardo Manalo for their mythical votes. After the election, the INC endorsed political party list ALAGAD performed poorly, worse than what they did in the previous 2007 election.

4th week of April 2010
News came out that the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo is "involved" with the Ruby Rose slay case. Not only in political but also in judicial that INC wants to show its muscle in getting what they want.

April 2010
Religious dynasty of the Manalo family was exposed

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To be continued...

Iglesia Ni Cristo Senate Presidency

Manila, Philippines - I am not inventing stories when I have stressed long enough the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) habit of intervening political affairs here in the Philippines. Learning the Philippine political history will expose the involvement of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult in the Philippine politics, which is more detrimental than beneficial to the Filipino people. The separation of Church and the State is not being practiced by the INC cult since their survival totally relies on it nowadays. It is very seldom we can hear of that the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is being discussed in a good light. INC is a political cult group. From bloc-voting during elections, government appointees, judicial issues, passing laws (like the reproductive bill in the congress), the INC party list group and recently, even the Philippine Senate presidency, INC wanted to enforce their presence among the politicians. This gives us a bad taste how INC shows their suspicious motives. Eduardo Manalo is a newbie in Philippine politics since he just inherited the INC leadership from his father who died last year. But the intervention of Eduardo Manalo in Senate presidency is not a simple rookie mistake for the pathetic INC leader. It is a tradition, a survival instinct of the INC cult to try to enforce their political influence to politicians.

INC Eraño Manalo Death Anniversary

The cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo is a well-known Catholic Church hater. It is one of the basic tenets of the Iglesia Ni Cristo that only INC members will be saved and will go to heaven. INC members are even taught to hate Catholics and Protestants because all non-INC members are of the devil as plainly specified in Pasugo, INC official publication. It is quite interesting that after barely one month that the iconic “Tita” Cory Aquino died, the authoritarian INC ruler Eraño Manalo also died. Cory Aquino is well-loved by the Filipino people while Eraño Manalo and the rest of INC members are being despised for their arrogant behavior. INC is a political cult who usually intervenes in the Philippine political issues. The religious doctrine of INC of bloc voting is the only thing that the INC is relying right now. The massive decrease of INC membership can be clearly seen on every churches of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. It is also worth noticing that politicians would always "grace" any INC celebrations.