Monday, August 30, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Congressman Rodante Marcoleta

Manila, Philippines - Political cult, Iglesia Ni Cristo Alagad partylist Rep. Rodante Marcoleta has been recently assigned to be part of the powerful Commission on Appointments. Speaker Feliciano Belmonte nominated Marcoleta on the 12-member House contingent to the commission. I am just not happy why Belmonte nominated Marcoleta. The history of the 3rd-rate congressman Marcoleta is less impressive, in fact, it is very disappointing. Iglesia Ni Cristo should be embarrassed on what Marcoleta is displaying in the Philippine congress as an INC member. Ordinary Filipinos perceives Filipino politicians as corrupt and lazy. (no need to mention the Absenteeism in the Philippine Congress led by Cong. Jules Ledesma). Pork Barrel funds is also an always issue with the lawmakers. Pork Barrel is commonly believed to be the source of major corruption in the Philippines.

Iglesia Ni Cristo with President Noynoy Aquino
Recently, Eduardo Manalo showed tantrums on lack of his expected respect on government appointments under the Noynoy Aquino administration. Under the previous Gloria Arroyo regime, Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) enjoyed a comfortable accommodation. As an inexperienced cult leader, Eduardo Manalo is displaying a rookie mistake by showing distrust to the dully elected president. Eduardo Manalo maybe looking "too high" of themselves.

Iglesia Ni Cristo with the Senate President Enrile
Senator Enrile warned religious groups meddling in the senate, which is apparently pertaining to INC cult leader Eduardo Manalo who appears to be lobbying for Manny Villar to be the senate president. INC is a political cult group. From bloc-voting during elections, government appointees, judicial issues, passing laws (like the reproductive bill in the congress), the INC party list group and recently, even the Philippine Senate presidency, INC wanted to enforce their presence among the politicians.

Iglesia Ni Cristo with the Congress Speaker Feliciano Belmonte
(Belmonte is the former mayor of Quezon City, a known bailiwick of Iglesia Ni Cristo cult since the INC headquarters is located along Commonwealth Avenue.) Quezon City is one of the places that gave Alagad partylist most number of votes in the 2010 national election. We can expect that a lot of INC member resides in Quezon City.

The dark past of political cult Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippine political arena is really messy. From the INC support to Marcos instead of Cory Aquino's democracy, to their fall on their choice of Danding's lost to President Ramos and the violent EDSA 3 violent protest which left INC member's death: INC is in a very dark spot in their bid in convincing us with their spiritual beliefs. INC member Rodante Marcoleta is not an exemption. Probably, Marcoleta is just showing what an INC member should act.

For a start, there's even an internal struggle inside the Alagad partylist to start with. The founding president of Alagad, Diogenes Osabel, said that Alagad expelled Marcoleta for the ground of disrespecting the party list's basic principles of transparency, democratic consultation and accountability. For some reason, Marcoleta still made his way to be the representative of Alagad.

Rodante Marcolate filed a libel suit against the beloved DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman. When Dinky Soliman revealed her information about the conversation between Gloria Arroyo and her political adviser Gabriel Claudio in asking Marcoleta in endorsing the impeachment complaint, INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta filed a P20m libel suit against Dinky Soliman. Luckily, Dinky Soliman was acquitted from the accusation of Marcoleta. Judge Rosanna Fe Romero-Maglaya found no malice about Soliman's statement. INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta failed his case against Dinky Soliman.

Rep. Rodante Marcoleta is one of the delegates of Gloria Arroyo who wined and dined at the posh Le Cirque restaurant in New York City. While Filipinos are living in poverty eating noodles, Gloria Arroyo and Rodante Marcoleta was having the best time of their lives eating at a super expensive restaurant. The tab was $20,000! BEFORE their $20,000 meal at Le Cirque, Gloria Arroyo and Rodante Marcoleta dined at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in DC on July 30 with a $15,000 bill. Imagine hat. Poor Filipinos are eating instant noodles and sardines while Gloria Arroyo and the Iglesia Ni Cristo congressman Rodante Marcoleta are having fine dining at the expensive restaurants in USA. How inconsiderate?! Alagad partylist representative's INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta is the one who endorsed the impeachment case against Gloria Arroyo back in year 2005, 4 years after, Marcoleta is dining at a super-expensive restaurant with Gloria Arroyo. In 2005, INC Congressman Rodante Marcoleta wanted Gloria Arroyo to be impeached. In 2009, Rodante Marcoleta dined with Gloria Arroyo in expensive restaurants in the USA.

List of House members absent during the roll call for approval of Freedom of Info bill

Iglesia Ni Cristo, Marcoleta and the Freedom of Information Bill
Journalists and the Filipino people have been eagerly waiting for the passage of the Freedom of Information bill which allows us the get the information we need in full disclosure of transactions involving public interest. The FOI bill has been pending in Congress for nine years since 2001 and have spent lots of monies and countless of man-hours in making this law in reality. The 14th Congress failed to ratify the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill due to lack of quorum. (It simply means that many congressmen were absent) A LOT of Congressman was not present or absent when the people needed them. The Congress failed to reach the required number of votes to ratify FOI. Lawmakers are being paid to do their job but sadly, they are not interested. 139 Congressmen were not present in the Congress when they were are needed most by the citizen who voted them. The list of those who were absent includes the 4 kin of Gloria Arroyo and Arroyo's close ally, INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta. Absenteeism in Philippine Congress has been a perennial problem. This cost a lots of tax payer's money and we are loosing opportunity to serve the people more. Surprisingly, Congressman Rodante Marcoleta even said in a separate report that… "Lawmaking, is now only second to his obligation of helping his constituents." (Editor) As a congressman, we expect them to pass laws, and not to be absent during law deliberations.

Like district congressmen, party-list reps enjoy perks

With the terrible past of INC congressman Rodante Marcoleta as a lawmaker, I doubt that he deserves to be included as part of the Commission on Appointments. But that's how the Philippine politics run, weird and sometimes cruel. The political cult Iglesia Ni Cristo is really starting to look pathetic. INC Congressman Rodante Marcoleta, being a 3-term legislator, I wonder if the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult will still support Alagad without Marcoleta. INC is a wise monkey in playing their cards. The next national election would be pretty much interesting.



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