Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo and LTO (Land Transportation Office)

LTO chief, Virgie Torres is an Iglesia Ni Cristo member. LTO contract bidders complain that the terms of reference (TOR) for vehicle plates and driver's licenses favors the present supplier and its partners, which includes the Amalgamated Motors Inc. (Ampi), owned by another INC member. What is the Billion peso question is all about?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Engr. Renante Nate - Catholic attacker

Manila, Philippines - Since Iglesia Ni Cristo cult has no single "official" web site, I thought that there should be at least a single INC blogsite or fan page that INC members go to when they need to be updated with their church beliefs regarding attacking other religions. I have decided to watch over the blogsite of the most notorious INC member on the web, Conrad J. Obligacion. Last week, I saw an INC member Engr. Renante Nate who openly attacks catholic doctrines by explicitly saying that CATHOLICISM IS IDOLATRY. He even mentioned how the Catholics kneel and bow down to statues and images. I guess INC member Engr. Renante Nate fails to remember how INC ministers/members also kneel down in front of Manalo. I guess he also forgot to mention how INC erected a bronze statue of Felix Manalo and create the image of Erano Manalo in a postal stamp in commemoration of their deaths. Street names were also named after the INC leaders. INC members are too fanatical about the Manalo family.

Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Ruby Rose slay case (Update)

Manila, Philippines - Iglesia Ni Cristo is a political cult. INC would usually be seen and heard meddling political issues here in the Philippines. Iglesia Ni Cristo was a close ally of the Philippine worse president Gloria Arroyo. Around the month of March of the same year, 2010, news reports said that INC might be intervening in the Ruby Rose slay case. The reason is that one of the suspects is an INC member. Suspect-turned-state witness Manuel Montero said that Lope Jimenez became a member of the INC to protect his fishing business. The witness said that it was Manuel Jimenez II and Lope Jimenez were the ones who allegedly ordered him to abduct and kill Ruby Rose. Ruby Rose is the sister of former beauty queen Rochelle Barrameda.