Sunday, July 18, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo should be investigated

As of July 16, 2010:
Foreign Exchange rate for Philippine Peso
1US$ = 46.2790 Php

Recent Iglesia Ni Cristo acquired properties:
El Cajon property = $1,755,000. (80+million Philippine Peso)
LA Chapel = $7,600,000 (349+million Philippine Peso)
Another INC church property in Sacramento CA with the price is still unknown

Manila, Philippines - Iglesia Ni Cristo members are usually proud and mostly boastful that 'their' Church founded by Felix Manalo are acquiring expensive properties overseas. You can actually see it on their blogs and personal comments on different forums. They take pride that their "evangelical mission" is reaching USA and was able to purchase properties which INC members does not actually own. The blind INC members failed to see that those properties are actually owned by the INC (sole) corporation and the INC members have practically no amount of ownership once they decided to leave the cult. All fame, glory and WEALTH belongs to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (sole) corporation. What I am wondering right now is that, how was the INC cult able to finance these expensive and luxurious properties overseas?

Masonry in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines - When I've read a catholic blog saying that Iglesia Ni Cristo cult copied their logo from masonry, I initially ignored it. I was thinking that the blogger is just attacking INC for no reason or whatsoever. Filipinos despise Iglesia Ni Cristo cult so it's just natural for Pinoys to scrutinize a cult like INC. (I am so glad that Filipino bloggers are getting more and more active in exposing the atrocities of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult.) It's not the first time that I've seen Iglesia Ni Cristo being linked to masonry but the resemblance of the freemasonry logo is really similar and it is really hard to ignore. The Manalo doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are mostly funny and bizarre. For a start, believing an accused rapist Felix Manalo as an Angel would have to top the list of funny and bizarre INC beliefs. Iglesia Ni Cristo even erected a bronze statue for the accused rapist Felix Manalo!!!

Iglesia Ni Satan

Manila, Philippines - Filipinos are really funny people. Some surveys even put Filipinos to be one of the happiest people in the world despite the hardship we face on our everyday lives. Natural calamities visit the Philippines regularly every year. Around 20 storms passes by the Philippine area of responsibility every year and Philippine politicians are rated as corrupt. But despite of this bad news, we can always find a heart-felt smile from the Filipino nation. Being hospitable is also well-known among the Filipinos. It is also mind-blowing to think on how Filipinos are coping up with the storms, flash floods and earthquake that the Philippines are encountering every year. I guess the answer would have to be their strong faith. Philippines is predominantly a Catholic country. Almost all Filipinos are Catholics and belong to several Christian dominations. Faith has been helping the poor Filipinos smile and hope for a better future after every catastrophe that the country have endured. Until one cult have emerged from this part of South-east Asia. Alas, the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Government appointments

Manila, Philippines - I am scared. I am really, really scared. With a report that INC is endorsing the appointment of Iglesia Ni Cristo member former Quezon City police chief Magtanggol Gatdula to be the Director of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is scary. (Iglesia Ni Cristo is a Philippine based cult group with a mob-like violent long history. PCIJ also reported that INC has its own armory as Military Intelligence say). NBI employees prefers their Director to be "insider" or coming inside from NBI itself unlike Gatdula. Why would a supposed to be a religious-peace loving group would be endorsing an appointment to a criminal investigating government agency? Shouldn't be Iglesia Ni Cristo be involved or concerned in a more civic and charitable government agencies that can help more Filipinos like the Department of Health (DOH), National Housing Authority (NHA), National Food Authority (NFA) or the Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD)? Why is the Iglesia Ni Cristo more interested in endorsing appointment in National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)?

Iglesia Ni Cristo recently acquired properties

A blogger proudly reported that Iglesia Ni Cristo is purchasing a 7-acre church property at Lemon Hill Avenue Sacramento, California, from a 57-year-old Lutheran Church. Earlier this year, a Filipino blogger also reported that INC also bought another expensive property in El Cajon California with a worth of $1,755,000 (over 79,000,000 Philippine pesos)!!! While Filipinos (including INC members) are getting poorer and poorer, Iglesia Ni Cristo keeps on purchasing properties outside the Philippines. While Filipinos are eating noodles and low-grade rice, Iglesia Ni Cristo Congressman Rodante Marcoleta and Gloria Arroyo were eating at the super-expensive restaurants in the New York, USA. Well, we are already not surprised on this kind of news surrounding the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. In fact, we are kind of expecting this, since the INC membership is starting to decrease, naturally, INC have to invest in more properties for their own future.

INC Eduardo Manalo is a coward

Jose Ventilation is a known Iglesia Ni Cristo debater among the INC members. Ventilation is the usual representative of INC during debates. Sadly, Jose Ventilation is not that good which the blind INC members failed to see. Ventilation is adding shame to the pathetic image of Iglesia Ni Cristo when it comes to debate. Felix, Erano and Eduardo Manalo are not known for their debating skills. The Manalo family would only just sit inside the INC temple in Quezon City and give the debating task on their followers like Jose Ventilation. In the Philippines, the poor reputation in debating skills of Iglesia Ni Cristo is a well-known fact. In Youtube, you can find how Jose Ventilation failed to defeat the Seventh-Day Adventists. And in the news, INC minister and members reportedly mauled their debate counterpart and stole their cameras. and in 1990, Jose Ventilation failed to defeat a catholic debater Karl Keating. As Karl Keating mentioned on his account with his debate with INC, Iglesia Ni Cristo is an anti-Catholicism cult. In USA, Catholic Keating tried to debate with Iglesia Ni Cristo in a civil manner. On a detailed account, Keating told how Iglesia Ni Cristo mob would attend any debate involving Iglesia Ni Cristo minister. The INC members are trained to hate Catholics. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a menace.

Rape cases in the Philippines

I think Rape is one of the most common crimes in the Philippines. Almost every day, Philippine news, tabloids and TV/radio reports have at least one rape case. We can see gang rape once in a while but the common case is the girl walking alone in the street is the usual targets of the lust monsters of the night. Some suspects might have been influenced by alcohol or drugs but whatever it is, raping is a crime and a sin. I can't imagine raping a girl since I have a mother and I know her feelings as a woman. Some of us may also have sisters and the golden rule does apply here... Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you! We do not want our mothers or our sisters being raped some monsters because of their lust. Pirated DVD of bold movies is rampant in the streets of Manila. Here, we can buy a DVD compilation of bold movies in the streets with the cost of 50-100 Pesos only. That is barely a $US3 only. If you have no money, you can simply borrow from your friends or your neighborhood. Sexy models are also everywhere in big billboards, posters and calendars endorsing beer and clothes. What happened to our sacred Filipino values? Even noontime shows are filled with sexy dancers in the broad daylight in front of our kids!!! What does the MTRCB is doing? Rape crimes might be the result of these lustful images people see on our everyday lives. The degradation of moral and spiritual values of Filipinos can be traced on the religion that should be shielding us from committing sin.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

INC Felix Manalo disrespectful son

Manila Philippines - I don't think it's a good idea for a cult leader not to use the last name of his father. It is like disowning your own father. I would have been angry if my kid will not use my last name. It is so disrespectful for a father. I cannot find any valid reason why Felix Manalo opted to use the last name of his mother MANALO instead of his father's YSAGUN. Again, it’s disrespectful and ungrateful to his father not to use the lawful last name YSAGUN. Is Felix YSAGUN Manalo an illegitimate son of his father? (Anak ba sa labas si Felix Manalo?) Certainly, with Iglesia Ni Cristo's main doctrine that all non-INC members will be going to hell, Felix Manalo's father and mother will anyway burn in hell so I think the last name of Felix Manalo does not mean anything that much to Felix.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an important delicate matter to the Iglesia Ni Cristo members. They treat it as a religious "holy" event of their lives. Every year, there are 2 thanksgiving events to the INC cult. First is the Thanksgiving Worship Service on December and later, the INC administration decided to add the Second Church Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship which is on July; Both of these thanksgiving events of Iglesia Ni Cristo cult involves a huge amount pile of money. The money being offered by the Iglesia Ni Cristo members are being placed in envelopes with their name and amounts written on it. It is an INC commandment that the value of amount of any INC members being placed on their corresponding envelopes should be greater from the previous amount the INC members offered as a thanksgiving to their god. As money from INC members are being collected inside the INC chapels, guards are outside like they always do on their gatherings. Iglesia Ni Cristo cult has their own security force. INC has even their own armory as PCIJ reported based on military intelligence.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Salvation

Manila, Philippines - If you are looking for your salvation, you should not be looking it with Iglesia Ni Cristo. INC proudly preaches that there are no salvation outside their church. All Catholics, and all other Christians are going to hell, except Iglesia Ni Cristo. Narrow-minded? You wait until you hear their other weird doctrines. Their founder Felix Manalo is being considered by INC members as an angel. Felix Manalo came from Catholic and then Adventist. After some misunderstanding with Adventists, Felix Manalo decided to establish his own church and claimed that is actually an angel sent by God. Ask any INC member you if will be saved and they will quickly respond "if only you join Iglesia Ni Cristo". Iglesia Ni Cristo members are like walking zombies who goes to church and follow whatever their pastors told them to do. Imagine, INC members trooping down on the violent anti-government EDSA 3. Imagine INC members voting candidates that was dictated to them by the INC administration. Imagine believing weird doctrines thought to them by their blind pastors. Yes, that are typical INC members who will follow whatever their pastors told them to do so.

Abortion in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines - Abortion is illegal in the Philippines. Killing an innocent baby is abominable. Luckily, with 90+million plus Filipinos living in the Philippines, the rate of abortion is really quite small compared to other countries. Philippines is basically a catholic church country. The church and other religious group is very clear on their stand about being pro-life and being an anti-abortion advocates. I don't know about the state of mind of any mother who aborts her child in the womb but certainly the act of killing a child is a very sinful act. Denying the right to live of a child inside the womb is a heinous crime. Most of the mothers who commit abortion are those in their teenage year. Teenage pregnancy is highly avoidable if the kids today are growing with the watchful eyes of their parents. Whatever the reason of abortion is wrong. We should allow the gifts of life from God continue. The number one innocent victim here is the innocent baby inside his/her mother's womb. Why would we pass the judgment to the babies who haven’t done anything wrong even before being born? Abortionists are playing God in killing babies. God should be the only one to decide who will live and die.