Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an important delicate matter to the Iglesia Ni Cristo members. They treat it as a religious "holy" event of their lives. Every year, there are 2 thanksgiving events to the INC cult. First is the Thanksgiving Worship Service on December and later, the INC administration decided to add the Second Church Anniversary Thanksgiving Worship which is on July; Both of these thanksgiving events of Iglesia Ni Cristo cult involves a huge amount pile of money. The money being offered by the Iglesia Ni Cristo members are being placed in envelopes with their name and amounts written on it. It is an INC commandment that the value of amount of any INC members being placed on their corresponding envelopes should be greater from the previous amount the INC members offered as a thanksgiving to their god. As money from INC members are being collected inside the INC chapels, guards are outside like they always do on their gatherings. Iglesia Ni Cristo cult has their own security force. INC has even their own armory as PCIJ reported based on military intelligence.

Annual December Thanksgiving

The Annual December Thanksgiving is VERY important to INC members. It is a whole year preparation by making deposits starting from the first Sunday of January until the second Sunday of December. Token check with the total amount deposited is being given to the members to be exchanged with the deposit booklet. The token check will be placed inside the envelope. The money being contributed by the INC members are well reported but cannot be withdrawn. It will be forever in the hands of INC. The deposited money is considered to be an offering to the god of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

July Anniversary Thanksgiving

The INC July Anniversary Thanksgiving is the commemoration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo founding day started by their "sugo" messenger Felix Manalo. This event would usually involve greetings from politicians and sometimes festivities (like their 95th celebration). The primary involvement of INC members during the event is to bring visitors or "akay" and they also have to prepare their envelopes filled with money as an offer of thanksgiving to their god for saving them from sickness, accidents and death. These Thanksgiving money envelopes are different from their money being offered during their ordinary Thursday and Sunday worship services.

The 2 special thanksgiving money offerings are different from their usual Worship service offerings and other INC contributions. Where do these tons of money contributions from INC members go? Some of it will go to the salary of INC ministers; some is to the INC employees in Central. Some of it is being use to buy more properties here in the Philippines and abroad (link to San Diego local). And sadly, some INC money is being used by the Manalo family. Like what Rosita Trillanes has confessed in the Philippines' Official Gazette, Vol. 1, July 1942:. (Rosita Trillanes is an INC member who claim that she was raped by the INC founder Felix Manalo. Rosita also confessed that many other single and married women have also been raped by Felix Manalo. In the government, we would sometimes read ...This is where your taxes go. Inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult it is. THIS IS WHERE YOUR OFFERINGS GO......

Excerpt from Rosita Trillanes' hand written confession letter...
Original version:
Kanyang ginugol ang lahat niyang buwanang sahod na P1,300.00 ukol sa mga babae at sa mga mahahalay na mga gawain, samantalang ang abang manggagawa ng Iglesya ay tumatanggap lamang ng P5.00, P10.00, P15.00, P20.00 isang buwan. Ang nangyayari sa lahat ninyong mga abuloy na inaalay sa Dios ay napupunta sa kanyang ginugogol ukol salahat niyang mahahalay na gawa.

English version:
He used up all his monthly salary of P1,300 on women and for his immoral acts, while the average Iglesia worker receives only P5.00, P10.00, P15.00, P20.00 a month. All of the tithes you gave to God goes to him of which he spends for all his immoral deeds.

I have no intention of maligning Iglesia Ni Cristo since there is no need for me to do such thing.. This is just a wake up call to those who still asleep. I guess, Felix Manalo is not worthy to be elated too much just like the INC members do. Erecting a bronze statue for Felix Manalo is getting too far. INC members admonish different catholic statues when in fact, INC has created a bronze statue on their own to glorify the INC's messenger angel sent by God.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members need to wake up.


  1. eeeeewwwww walang pumansin sa paninira mo...panu yan?......

    lapit n po 100 aniversary ng INC congrats po sa lahat....kahit di ako INC...congrats sa inyo

  2. @ferreras888 - isa ka na sa pumapansin sa blogsites exposing Iglesia Ni Cristo. Dumadami na ang bloggers at online pinoys exposing yung mga kabulastugan ng INC. Hindi din ako INC member, pero napapansin ko, hindi masyadong malakas ang Iglesia Ni Cristo kay Noynoy Aquino compared kay Gloria Arroyo.

    Ang kamatayan ni Erano Manalo ay sumpa sa mga Iglesia Ni Cristo.
    The death of Erano Manalo is a curse to Iglesia Ni Cristo.

  3. salamat po sa mga paninira nyo sa aming relehiyon...kahit ilang beses nyo po etong siraan sa mga tao...sorry pero mas tumitindi po ang pananampalataya namin...kahit kailan man hindi po kami maaapektuhan ng mga paninira nyo...instead, it gives us more courage to praise GOD to the deepest of our hearts...godbless brothers and sisters at INC...

  4. Blind followers. Sharing News and the truth about the atrocities of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is basically a noble thing. Philippine Newspapers are now exposing the INC for their political involvement with the Philippine government. Open your eyes, mind and heart and don't turn around to someone who is trying to shed light on the darkness of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Many exINC members have left Iglesia Ni Cristo like Charice Pempengco and her mother, a clear example how people are now leaving the INC cult by the Manalo family. Blind following a religion will lead you to hell. Ang Kamatayan ni Erano Manalo ay sumpa sa mga Iglesia Ni Cristo.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo History, Dates and Events

  5. If you are to go by the faulty logic of Juan Makabayan, Is it that your name or are you cowardly hiding behind a pseudonym?), then the Catholic Church will be 263 times cursed (The Annuario Pontificio lists Benedict XVI as the 265th Bishop of Rome. It lists 263 men serving 265 pontificates (periods of Papal office). If Pope-elect Stephen is excluded, the difference in these numbers is because Benedict IX reigned during three non-consecutive periods between 1032 and 1048.).

    There you have it, 263 dead popes, 263 curses.

    And what about your family, how many fathers, grandfathers died in your family? By your logic, your own family is cursed.

    You should learn religious tolerance and respect the belief of others. Self-righteousness leads you to a dark path. Maybe that is why you cannot even make your statement in the open and hide like self-righteous, intolerant, but ignorant coward.... Bennett de Joya (there I placed my name you can freely discuss with me anytime --- if you can show your face).

  6. kawawa naman po kaung naninira sa Iglesia ni Kristo kasi po mali mali nman ang sinasabi nyo hello.....kau po kaya ang gumising at kayo pon yata ang tulog.:)

  7. Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos

    Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae? Magkapatid sa ama si Eraño Manalo at Jun Santos? Tiyuhin ni Eduardo Manalo si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos? Kung totoo ngang maraming ginalaw na babae si Felix Manalo, mali na agad ang pundasyon ng Iglesia Ni Cristo. Sana malagpasan ng mga INC ang scandal about the Rosita Trillanes case.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo

    Si Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo ay napapabalitang anak din ni Felix Manalo at kung ang pagbabatayan ay mukha, para ngang kamukha ni Felix Manalo si Rene Panoncillo. Sana tigilan na ng mga Iglesia Ni Cristo ang paninira sa mga katoliko kasi mismong Iglesia Ni Cristo members at ang Manalo family ay may kasiraan din.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo History

    Alam naman ng lahat na si Felix Manalo ay galing din sa iba't-ibang religions. Nabautismuhan si Felix Manalo sa ibang religions pero hindi mismo sa sariling religion na itinatag niya. I doubt na sugo nga ng Dios si Felix Manalo. Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae?

    These are just simple deadly questions.
    The answers are more frightening.

    1. To Ruel Santos: Lahat ng tanong mo ay masasagot sa araw ng Paghuhukom..At sa Lahat ng naninira sa Iglesia ni Cristo ito lang po ang masasabi naming mga kaanib..KAAWAAN PO SANA KAYO NG AMA!!Bawat kaanib sa Iglesia ni Cristo ay nananalangin na kayo din po ay maligtas sa araw ng paghuhukom.Kami po ay kadamdamin ng aming tagapamahalang pangkalahatan sa kanilang layunin lalo na sa taong ito..Para sa aming lahat na mga Iglesia ni Cristo..KABAYAN KO KAPATID KO..at mahal po namin kayong lahat