Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Abortion in the Philippines

Manila, Philippines - Abortion is illegal in the Philippines. Killing an innocent baby is abominable. Luckily, with 90+million plus Filipinos living in the Philippines, the rate of abortion is really quite small compared to other countries. Philippines is basically a catholic church country. The church and other religious group is very clear on their stand about being pro-life and being an anti-abortion advocates. I don't know about the state of mind of any mother who aborts her child in the womb but certainly the act of killing a child is a very sinful act. Denying the right to live of a child inside the womb is a heinous crime. Most of the mothers who commit abortion are those in their teenage year. Teenage pregnancy is highly avoidable if the kids today are growing with the watchful eyes of their parents. Whatever the reason of abortion is wrong. We should allow the gifts of life from God continue. The number one innocent victim here is the innocent baby inside his/her mother's womb. Why would we pass the judgment to the babies who haven’t done anything wrong even before being born? Abortionists are playing God in killing babies. God should be the only one to decide who will live and die.

I think the only consolation here is that for us to think that those poor innocent babies who are victims of abortion will not have to suffer anymore and will spend eternity in heaven with God. (Matthew 19:14 - But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.) God's mercy and compassion will be given to those poor victims of abortion. We can say they are still angels who tried to enter this world but were denied by their cruel mother with the help of doctors. I am still thankful that the abortion here in the Philippines is not that rampant. I guess, the Catholic Church and other Christian groups here in Philippines are doing their job in reminding the Christian flock not to commit abortion. Salvation is open for all. Salvation will be given to all the babies who have been victims of abortion.

Sadly, the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult begs to disagree. Most of the time, INC likes to differ from what it is written in the bible. INC is well-known for their strict compliance to the Manalo doctrine. INC members are happy to comply whatever their church administration told them to do, even in block voting. Now, one of the basic and fundamental tenets of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is that the heaven is exclusively open for INC members only. All NON-INC members will be thrown and rot in hell. All aborted babies that are being aborted who were not able to join INC will be sent directly to hell. Worldwide scopes, thousands of babies are being aborted by irresponsible parents. Not only babies but also all kids that are dying everyday because of sickness and probably violence will certainly not go to heaven based on the Manalo doctrine. That is how cruel the Iglesia Ni Cristo doctrine is. They quickly condemn everyone that is not INC member.

All babies being aborted and all the kids that are dying of sickness everyday, worldwide; are destined to hell because they were not able to join the Iglesia Ni Cristo church. Among the INC members, their kids and babies have to be offered or "handog", since INC does not baptizes babies and kids, unlike the catholic tradition of baptism. Being a "handog"/offered and eventually being baptized is very important to INC members. Thousands of babies and kids dying everyday are so unlucky of not being able to live and join Iglesia Ni Cristo. Imagine that, 6+billion of people in the world, only around 1 million (mostly Filipinos) will be able to have a trip to heaven. Imagine that, all our charity works and helping other people would mean nothing if your not an Iglesia Ni Cristo member. So naive way of thinking.

Abortion is a wicked act of killing a baby inside the mother's womb. Abortion is a crime. Only God has the only right to decide to should live and die. Only God has the right to judge who will be going to heaven or in hell. Iglesia Ni Cristo is so quick to judge other people for the sole reason of not being able to join their cult. How pity they are. Aborted babies and kids dying everyday deserves happiness in eternity but I am quite angry now that INC is denying these kids their well-deserve happiness with God's side in eternity. Iglesia Ni Cristo is such a cruel cult in condemning other people. Woe unto you, Iglesia Ni Cristo.

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