Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rape cases in the Philippines

I think Rape is one of the most common crimes in the Philippines. Almost every day, Philippine news, tabloids and TV/radio reports have at least one rape case. We can see gang rape once in a while but the common case is the girl walking alone in the street is the usual targets of the lust monsters of the night. Some suspects might have been influenced by alcohol or drugs but whatever it is, raping is a crime and a sin. I can't imagine raping a girl since I have a mother and I know her feelings as a woman. Some of us may also have sisters and the golden rule does apply here... Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you! We do not want our mothers or our sisters being raped some monsters because of their lust. Pirated DVD of bold movies is rampant in the streets of Manila. Here, we can buy a DVD compilation of bold movies in the streets with the cost of 50-100 Pesos only. That is barely a $US3 only. If you have no money, you can simply borrow from your friends or your neighborhood. Sexy models are also everywhere in big billboards, posters and calendars endorsing beer and clothes. What happened to our sacred Filipino values? Even noontime shows are filled with sexy dancers in the broad daylight in front of our kids!!! What does the MTRCB is doing? Rape crimes might be the result of these lustful images people see on our everyday lives. The degradation of moral and spiritual values of Filipinos can be traced on the religion that should be shielding us from committing sin.

I think the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult here in the Philippines deserves no further introductions. INC members are quite brutal to the rest of the Filipino people. INC is more well-known to be a religious political group rather than being a group having practicing Christian values. INC members are well-known to be inconsiderate zealots and think nothing about except for themselves. Why not? Since they consider us to be destined to be punished in hell for not being INC members, why would INC even care for our well-being. Rape. The Iglesia Ni Cristo is not an exception to the Rape cases here in the Philippines. In the Philippine daily newspapers, INC members rape like the other lust monsters out there. They are no different from the people who rapes women just waiting for the perfect timing to commit crime. Beginning from the INC founder, Felix Manalo has also been accused of raping a certain Rosita Trillanes. The rape case involving the INC founder Felix Manalo also made to the Philippine headlines during his time. What can we say? Like founder, like member. Just like the old days when Felix Manalo was involved with a rape case, so also his members nowadays are involved in different rape and molestation cases.

Matthew 12:33 - Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.

What makes me wonder is that the INC followers had even erected a bronze statue of an alleged rapist, who also they consider to be an angel sent from heaven. The INC cult leader is being glorified too much by his followers. Felix Manalo, who died of sickness, has been accused of rape. An INC member, Rosita Trillanes revealed to Philippine media that she was raped by their INC founder Felix Manalo. INC members have turned their blind eye in this rape case of Felix Manalo. Instead, INC members would often attack anyone who discusses the rape case of Felix Manalo. How can we stop discussing the rape case of a popular religious leader when it is now reflecting to the other INC members? INC members nowadays are also being involved in molestation and rape cases. Whatever the INC defenders will do to try and hide the embarrassing history, a stinking smell has its own way of revealing itself. The rape case of the INC founder Felix Manalo cannot be simply hidden with the watchful eyes of the Filipino people. Like the other atrocities that the INC members have committed in the Philippine society, the media is watching as we can see with the Philippine tabloids.


  1. 9 rapes in Philippines daily

    A total of 3,159 rape cases were reported to the authorities countrywide in 2009, up 22 percent from the 2,585 recorded over the same period in 2008

  2. thanks for the info

    1. Please Take Note: Brother Felix Y. Manalo was not convicted, not even charged of any crime. The INC detractors were challenged for many times to shown concrete evidences (court documents) that Brother Felix Y. Manalo was convicted or even charged of any crime. The INC detractors intentionally and totally ignored the truth that they don’t have such evidence, but they continue spreading the lies that Brother Felix Y. Manalo was convicted of a crime, convicted of raped.

  3. Why is that these rape cases are focused only in INC,
    The purpose of this BLOG is not to inform awareness of rape victims but to Destroy the integrity of INC, please verify these accusations before be convinced.

  4. how narrow minded you are??...
    you post this not to inform but rather to attack inc., right?
    and also, try to consider the numbers of rapes caused by your religion,,you're so pitiful...aberrant one..
    why are you even considering the whole inc for this small cases...
    i cant even judge you for what your family / relatives and friend did...
    you better try to be more intelligent..