Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Engr. Renante Nate - Catholic attacker

Manila, Philippines - Since Iglesia Ni Cristo cult has no single "official" web site, I thought that there should be at least a single INC blogsite or fan page that INC members go to when they need to be updated with their church beliefs regarding attacking other religions. I have decided to watch over the blogsite of the most notorious INC member on the web, Conrad J. Obligacion. Last week, I saw an INC member Engr. Renante Nate who openly attacks catholic doctrines by explicitly saying that CATHOLICISM IS IDOLATRY. He even mentioned how the Catholics kneel and bow down to statues and images. I guess INC member Engr. Renante Nate fails to remember how INC ministers/members also kneel down in front of Manalo. I guess he also forgot to mention how INC erected a bronze statue of Felix Manalo and create the image of Erano Manalo in a postal stamp in commemoration of their deaths. Street names were also named after the INC leaders. INC members are too fanatical about the Manalo family.

INC member Engr. Renante Nate also said that ...There is no need to find the name of their brother Manalo in the Bible. Otherwise, many will use the same name. You see how far INC member can go in defending the name of a Manalo? For the information of all INC members, I think no one would even dare to use the name of Felix Manalo. Manalo is not even the surname of Felix' father. Felix decided to use the surname of his mother instead of using his father surname. Ingrate to his father? It should be Felix Ysagun not Felix Manalo. Please read this interesting article about the name Felix Manalo. Conrad J. Obligacion and Engr. Renante Nate are both INC members who are Catholic attackers. Some people say that the offense is the best defense. Probably true in the case of the Iglesia Ni Cristo members. INC cannot defend their cult doctrine so they would usually attack the Catholics and Protestants. One of the INC doctrines is that all Catholics and Protestants belong to hell. Only INC members will be lucky enough to go to heaven. These INC members are narrow-minded. With less than 1 million INC members, with membership continually decreasing in a daily basis, I don't think that the heaven is small that only INC members will be allowed to enter.

INC member Engr. Renante Nate also defends the INC doctrine that our Lord Jesus Christ is only man, not god/God. This INC teaching is very weird to me. The INC members firmly believes that Felix Manalo is an angel but denies the deity of Jesus Christ. Shifting from Roman Catholic to Iglesia Ni Cristo is like demoting our Lord Jesus Christ. I don't want our Lord Jesus Christ to be stripped-off of such glory by joining the INC cult. In bongnate's blogsite,, he mentioned some distorted biblical explanations of INC justifying their weird doctrine that Jesus Christ is not a god/God.

INC members are known to be not good bible readers. In INC gatherings, we cannot see INC members bringing bible on their worship services. I seriously doubt the explanations of the INC member Engr. Renante Nate since I think he is not an INC preacher. I think bongnate is just another fanatical INC member 'na nag-babangon-puri'. The INC cult is currently in a mud of their own doings. Filipinos hate Iglesia Ni Cristo for their arrogance and meddling in Philippine politics. You may have INC members at your workplace, they may appear to be good people to you, but, behind your back, these INC members treats you as destined to burn in hell. Ask them. Ask Conrad J. Obligacion and Engr. Renante Nate; they will both say that only INC members will be saved and all Catholic and Protestants will burn in hell. This is not a joke. and blog sites are the breeding ground of anti-Catholic and anti Protestants sentiments of the Iglesia Ni Cristo members. I am not recommending you to go to these 2 wicked blog sites but consider this as a warning. Debating with INC members are pointless and a waste of time. They are blinded by their fanatism to the Manalo family. Beware of Conrad J. Obligacion and Engr. Renante Nate.

The Holy Scriptures being preached and explained by an INC member?
The Holy Scriptures being preached and explained by an Engineer?Com'on!

Engr. Renante Nate: One word that I can associate with the following words and phrases:

assumption of mary, rosary, purgatory, mass, indulgence, sacraments, scapulars, saints, papacy...CATHOLICISM IS IDOLATRY.


  1. >>"I guess INC member Engr. Renante Nate fails to remember how INC ministers/members also kneel down in front of Manalo" --- its an ordination not a worship service unlike Catholics are doing when they pray to statues. Don't deny it.

    >>"I guess he also forgot to mention how INC erected a bronze statue of Felix Manalo" ---maybe you didn't see the warning sign on the bronze statue.Let me tell you,"" Ang kahalalan ng sugo ay lagi nating aalalahanin NGUNI'T ANG LARAWAN AT SIYA KAILANMAN AY HUWAG SASAMBAHIN". This was built to remind us of our Church leaders and not to worship them.

    >>'create the image of Erano Manalo in a postal stamp in commemoration of their deaths.--this is to to remind us of our Church leaders and not to worship them as stated by Apostle Paul in Hebrews 13:7 "Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith."

    Try to think first before judging. Your accusations dont have any reliable basis at all.

  2. Thank you for advertising my blogsite. Thanks also for being prime in the search engines.

    In addition to the defense of Mr Wayne,

    1. INC members are not fanatical about the Manalo family. As a matter of fact, most members have not seen personally any member of the Manalo clan. INC members are converted from Catholicsm and Protestants NOT because they have seen Brother Manalo on TV or billboards nor with any fancy festivities. Members undergo lessons and tests before their baptism.

    2. There is nothing wrong with changing the surname. THe law provides such arrangement. Even the bible supports changing of names. Take for instance the case of Apostle Paul who was once the persecuter Saul.
    During the Spanish time, surnames were very loose. We were Gomez's but due to same surname initial imposed by the government, my great grandparents changed their surnames.

    3. Speaking of salvation, magnitude of membership is not a basis. In fact Israel who was a very little country was chosen by God amongst the surrounding big countries.
    Jesus Christ said that we should enter the narrow gate and only a few finds it (Mt 7:13-14). Many may be called but few are chosen. Those who will perish are numbered likes grains of sand.
    We believe that the heaven is just sufficient to contain the INC members. The HOLY CITY was already measured. The HOLY CITY is not as big as the whole world to contain all the majority so-called Christians. For an approximately 2400x2400 km2 area, the Philippines is enough to fit into.

    4. INC doesnt need to defend that Christ is human because it is very clearly stated in the bible. The burden of proof is not ours. Catholics and Protestants should be the one to defend their excess doctrines of saying that Christ is not only human but also GOd. INC just rebukes your erroneous claims.

    5. If Brother Manalo is likened to angel, then it is not putting Christ down. Hebrew 1:4 says that Christ is better than angels.
    In fact, anyone of us can be an angel to minister the words of God. Dont you read Heb 13:2? We entertain strangers. In so doing, they are entertaining angels without knowing it.

    6. INC is very much bible-based. Probably, you better count the number of verses being read in our bible expositions. It is not necessary that every INC member should carry a copy of the bible. There are many spiritual gifts inside the Church.

    7. YES. We are bold to say that ONLY US will be saved come the judgment day. That is why we are propagating our faith. Otherwise, what is the point of rebuking all of your erroneous doctrines if they are all the same, dont you think? Catholics and Protestants are not firm in their beliefs so they cannot say whether they will be saved exclusively or not.

  3. Masyadong paki-alamero sa Gobyerno ng Pilipinas ang mga Iglesia Ni Cristo.
    They also attack Catholics on INC blogs.
    Shame on you INC cult followers.

    Baka tama nga yung nabasa ko...

    Ang kamatayan ni Erano Manalo ay sumpa sa mga Iglesia Ni Cristo.
    The death of Erano Manalo is a curse to Iglesia Ni Cristo.

    Kawawa naman ang mga INC cult followers.

  4. Mouth4war,

    Where are you these days? Are you hiding inside your confession cubicle?
    Dont you read the most pressing and relevant issue these days on RH bill? sino naman ang dakilang pakialamero sa gobyerno?
    Dont you take up History class? What does your teacher tell you about the writings of Rizal?

    Paano naman naging sumpa ang kamatayan ni Ka Erdy? Namatay siya na naihanda ang Iglesia. Walang pagtatalo at mapayapang naihabilin sa pangalawang tagapamahalang pangkalahatan.
    Maybe you may read the history of Catholic church and track down a particular instance where succession to PAPACY was controversial. Bigyan kita ng clue. circa 900+

    Paano naman nagiging kawawa ang INC members? Magbukas ka nga ng TV at panoorin mo ang mga tagumpay na tinatamasa ng Iglesia.

    Baka nahihiya ka lang lumapit sa amin at makinig ng mga banal na aral. Matutulungan kita. Inaanyayahan ko rin ang mga nais maliwanagan na may bukas na isip. Ang tungkulin namin ay ihayag ang salita ng Diyos ngunit ang Diyos ang tumatawag ng Kanyang mga hinirang.

  5. RH Bill? Gumamit ba ng condom si Felix Manalo noong ni-rape niya si Rosita Trillanes?
    Yung mga INC-Rapists, gumagamit ba sila ng condom?
    INC Rape cases

    Malinis ba ang INC, ang tinatamasa nilang kayamanan habang naghihirap ang mga INC members at ang ibang mga Pilipino?

    Iglesia Ni Cristo and LTO (Land Transportation Office)

  6. Obviously, this nitpicker tries to cover up the already well-known "DAMASOs" of the Catholic Church. Meron pa bang interesado na maghalungkat ng legal records tungkol sa kaso ni KAPATID na Rosita Trillanes? Gasgas na ang ganitong klaseng defense mechanism.

    At any rate, this proves the all-time truth written in the bible that there are really brute beasts that speak evil things they do not understand ( 2 Pt 2:12). These are the same people who think that religion is business (1 Tim :4-5)

    We avoid foolish questions. (Titus 3:9)

    Going back to the issue of IDOLATRY, the bible says that the cause of IMMORALITY is IDOLATRY. Romans 1:21-32 discusses the consequence of IDOLATRY leading to acts of IMMORALITY.

    I give justification by these vivid examples: Idolaters says "Kahit kami nakaluhod dito sa mga rebulto na ito, pero ang Diyos pa rin ang sinasamba namin".
    Likewise, an adulterer would say "Kahit may number two and three ako, ikaw pa rin naman ang asawa ko".
    Likewise, an homosexual would say "Kasalanan ba ang umibig?"
    Likewise, a gambler would say "Ililimos ko naman sa simbahan ang pinanalunan ko"
    Likewise, an evil doer would say "Ginagawa ko naman ito para sa kabutihan ng pamilya ko".
    Common denominator is Faulty reasoning begets faulty reasoning.

  7. Thanks Manila Balita for this great article. I call it great because you've hit the nail right on its head.

    This Engr. Renante Nate adores his title "Engr." too much that it should be mentioned all the time. What happened to his blog? It's rusting. Or perhaps his own cult told him to SHUT UP!

  8. Catholic Defender,


    Because I am a real engineer. There is nothing wrong using the title "Engineer". With this title, I have the authority to decide on technical things that most people dont know. This is also an expression of personal statement that you cannot just say your opinion. You need to be assertive and logical.

    On the contrary, there is one title that our Lord Jesus Christ forbade for himself and for others to use. YOU SHOULD NOT CALL ANYONE AS "FATHER" in the same way as you call the GOD in heaven. ( Matt 23:9) I never call the catholic priests as "father". I call them "Miss", Im sorry Mister.

    My blog is read-only. It is meant to entice and to clarify. It will remain as it is. It is not rusting because you just got there, didnt you? Locate your scattered brain please!

  9. So those you are implying that those who DO NOT indicate their names with TITLES are FAKES? lol...

    If you are a real engineer, you don't have to trumpet it loud. You know yourself more than anyone else.

    Is that the same reason why Felix Manalo has be be preached as LAST SUGO because you know he's a fake one.

  10. Catholic Defender,

    Use your brain please. The converse is not always true. To IMPLY that "those who DO NOT use their TITLE are fakes" shows your ill-mannered character.

    As I emphasized in my previous post and I repeat it again for you to understand, the use of title is also an expression of STATEMENT. It is NOT a decoration.

    Now tell me, can you cite your reference where real engineers dont have to say his/her title aloud? Does it violate any professional ethics?

    Now, rebuke otherwise that your priests that you call as "Fathers" do not violate the biblical teachings.

    YOu are really an ignorant of the bible. Dont you read the statement of the apostles saying "Kami nga'y mga sugo sa pangalan ni Cristo..."? What then prevents us from saying that Brother Manalo is the last sugo?

    Your faulty line of thinking is as dark as the charred wood of Quiapo. hehehe.
    Dont you think your Poong Nazareno is a direct mockery of what is written in Isaiah 44:13-20?

  11. Iglesia Ni Cristo Lingap sa Mamamayan

    • Hypocrisy. All the INC 'good works' will be displayed and broadcasted while deep inside, Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that only INC members will be going to heaven. ALL non-INC members will burn in hell. Catholics, Muslims and protestants will all burn in hell. The INC doctrine is cruel to judge everyone who are not members of their cult.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo New Era University expensive

    • INC members do not even enroll their children to New Era University. Most of them enroll their children to Catholic Schools. (Even though that INC really hates Catholics)

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Wedding or INC Weeding

    • Falling in love with an INC member can be a complete misery. You don't change religion because your fiancée ask you to do it. You don't change religion in exchange of love. Partners should respect each other's beliefs. Love and marriage should mean willing to accept other one's beliefs. You do not enforce some weird doctrines to your love one for them to believe in it.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Baptism

    • Baptism in the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult marks the beginning of the spiritual misery anyone would suffer. Weird doctrines will be brainwashed on each and every Church gatherings. Church contributions will be used in purchasing properties and church businesses. Blind followers will be used during election periods.

  12. Mouth4War,
    Hypocrisy? YOu better refer to the bible or at least the dictionary of the meaning of this word. Probably for now, it is best to let me educate you.
    Read Mt 15:7-9. Hypocrites are those who SPEAK of good things but they DO things otherwise.
    In terms of socio-civic activities such as Lingap sa Mamamayan, we do what we believe in.
    There is nothing wrong if we broadcast our activities. Dont you read Phil 4:5,8? It says " Let your moderation be KNOWN UNTO ALL MEN".
    We do good things not only amongst our brethren but also to all men ( 1 Thes 5:15)
    We extend our help not only in time of this world's misery but we also have compassion to save and pull others from fire (Jude 1:23)
    When would you sense that in the bible there is grouping of people? When would you understand the word "CHOSEN"?

    Unlike Catholics, it is not necessary for us to create other charitable institutions which solicit money even from unscroupulous sources such as gambling lords, donations from tax-evading corporations and selected people in order just to get by. We do not support population explosion just for your nuns to gather unfortunate chldren and extort from anywhere in the guise of Charity.

    Broadcasting our Lingap sa Mamamayan activities is important for us members who directly gave our share in helping others. That help comes directly from our monetary offers to God in our worship services. Maybe you have No guts to broadcast the same if you know for sure that your resources are dirty, have you?

    Very funny. Whoever says this doesnt know how to count.

    INC Marriage
    In few words, prohibition of interfaith marriage is NOT a new thing. It was already instituted by GOD even during the ancient Israel. If you do not believe in us, then I suggest you ask any Jews or member of Judaism. IT IS NOT A WEIRD DOCTRINE. Try to appreciate the beauty of having love under the guidance and blessing of God.

    We appreciate the wisdom of God written in the Bible for us to believe and follow. Membership in INC requires lessons and tests before baptism. There is also an unmembership and expulsion for erring members.

    Our worship services highlight the words of God in the bible. Unlike Catholic priests, INC ministers do not opinionate.

    Catholics are the brainwashed. By definition, brainwashing is making use of coercive technique just to alter the normal minds of people. For thousands of years, Catholic was successful in disinformation technique, intimidation, threat and harm through the inquisitions and persecutions, and persistent traditions. Today, Catholics are active because of traditions that do not require a thinking brain but only fanciful eyes and hungry stomachs - the basic weakness of ignorant and innocent people.

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  14. Pasugo, September/October 1986, page 21

    Cornelius, like so many people today who embraced the true Church will be saved not because of the good deeds he had done, but through God's merciful act of commissioning messengers entrusted with words of reconciliation.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Lingap sa Mamamayan

    Hypocrisy. All the INC 'good works' will be displayed and broadcasted while deep inside, Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that only INC members will be going to heaven. ALL non-INC members will burn in hell. Catholics, Muslims and protestants will all burn in hell. The INC doctrine is cruel to judge everyone who are not members of their cult.

  15. Mouth4War,

    There is no contradiction in the article of PASUGO as being cited by the website
    The alleged contradiction is merely a result of non-proficiency in English grammar of reader specifically on the use of PAST PERFECT TENSE.

    The case of Cornelius as written in Acts Chapter 10 is a proof that doing things that we deem "good" is not a basis for salvation. As explained in the Pasugo, the merciful act of God is through commissioning messengers entrusted with words of reconciliation. In the case of Cornelius, it was Apostle Peter who was commisioned by God to preach the words of reconciliation.

    Ephesian 2:8-10 explains two kinds of works: 1) our own work that we boast in ourselves. THis is based on our selfish standard. 2) good works which God commanded us to do. THis is based on God's standard.

    In the case of Cornelius, those charitable things he HAD DONE would NOT benefit him UNTIL he embraced the true church. When Cornelius and Peter met, he was able to hear the commandments of God. (Acts 10:33)

    Here is the big difference: The good works of Iglesia ni Cristo is based on God's will and standards.
    Those outside of the INC are doing "good" things for themselves. They may walk in barefoot or walk in knees up to the altar, they may give all their wealth for the Catholic indulgences, they may utter the thousand rosaries. But all of these things are USELESS.

    One of the good works inside the Iglesia ni Cristo that cannot be done outside is EDIFICATION of the Faith in our WORSHIP SERVICES to GOD.

  16. Wow. Thanks Engr. Renante Nate for enlightening us with your classic INC non-sense response. So only good works of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult members are based on God's will and standards. While the good works of the Catholics are based for themselves. Only good works of the INC cult will be rewarded. Right?

    Ricky Pempengco is an Iglesia Ni Cristo cult member who have drug problems and likes to beat up his wife. So you think if Ricky Pempengco have done anything good in his life, it will be rewarded or appreciated more compared to the charity works of Charice Pempengco who happens to be a Catholic after she and her mother turned their back to INC cult?

    Ricky Pempengco's good works will be appreciated more because he is an INC cult member than Charice's charity works? I never knew drug addicts will be allowed to go to heaven just because he is an INC cult member.

    Can you please explain the good works of INC members again in relation to Ricky Pempengco's drug problem and being an Iglesia Ni Cristo cult member? Heaven is exclusive to INC members only?

  17. I believe my response makes lot of sense. Only fools would say otherwise.

    Doing what you think is “good” does not guarantee you a ticket to heaven. You must first qualify those “good” works if they are acceptable and will of God. Even in secular philosophy, what is good for you may not be good for others and vice versa.

    The bible even says that even the sinners also do the common good (Luke 6:33). Goodness arising from mutual benefits is the foundation of world peaceful coexistence. Apart from any faith or religion, this “goodness” is natural.

    Who then would say what is good? No other than God- Who is GOOD? God has His laws and commandments that are holy, just and good. (Rom 7:12)

    That is why Cornelius needed to hear the words of God even he was already doing things he had thought as “good” (Acts chapter 10).

    In the case of Pempengco couple, separation was the result of their marital indifferences. Charice was raised singlehandedly by her mother who is an unbeliever. Mr Pempengco was given chance to correct his ways. As the bible says, “if you continue doing goodness, goodness will come to you, otherwise you will be cut –off” (Rom 11:22).

    Inside the Iglesia ni Cristo, there is an expulsion for wicked members ( 1 Cor 5:13). God also find ways to get rid of those faulty and fake members. It is also a reality that not all members of INC are pleasing to God. Our Lord Jesus Christ call them as “thief and robber” (John 10:1) – those who entered into the fold by other means.

    In your point of view, doing charitable things like that of Charice’s will give you a ticket to heaven. You actually do not understand the lesson to Cornelius. You better read it again. Think about this: why do you need Jesus Christ if you know doing these charitable things would already give you place in heaven? Do you think those equally charitable Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist etc who do not even recognize Christ will share with you in heaven?

    You must understand that eternal life in heaven is by virtue of promise of Christ to His people when He returns (2 Pt 3:13). Heaven is not an open house where anyone can get in if you pass the “audition” (as portrayed by Catholic tradition with Peter standing on heaven’s door). To get to heaven is by invitation and calling to be partakers of the promise.

    In order to receive the promise, you need to do the will of God (Heb 10:36). The primary will of God is to bring everything together under one head- Christ (Eph 1:9-10). Hence, Christ built His Church that he described as sheepfold. Just like Cornelius, you need to be a member of the fold and hear and fulfill the good commandments of God including doing charitable things in the name of Christ.

    We do not subscribe to the belief of the Protestants that “once you are saved, you are saved already regardless of things you do”. Hence, any INC member who is drunkard or drug addict and does not change his ways will not inherit the eternal life.

  18. Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos

    Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae? Magkapatid sa ama si Eraño Manalo at Jun Santos? Tiyuhin ni Eduardo Manalo si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos? Kung totoo ngang maraming ginalaw na babae si Felix Manalo, mali na agad ang pundasyon ng Iglesia Ni Cristo. Sana malagpasan ng mga INC ang scandal about the Rosita Trillanes case.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo

    Si Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo ay napapabalitang anak din ni Felix Manalo at kung ang pagbabatayan ay mukha, para ngang kamukha ni Felix Manalo si Rene Panoncillo. Sana tigilan na ng mga Iglesia Ni Cristo ang paninira sa mga katoliko kasi mismong Iglesia Ni Cristo members at ang Manalo family ay may kasiraan din.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo History

    Alam naman ng lahat na si Felix Manalo ay galing din sa iba't-ibang religions. Nabautismuhan si Felix Manalo sa ibang religions pero hindi mismo sa sariling religion na itinatag niya. I doubt na sugo nga ng Dios si Felix Manalo. Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae?

    These are just simple deadly questions.
    The answers are more frightening.

  19. Interesting discussion out here. I'm an INC member and I keep an open mind about your purpose on doing this. My question now is, why all the hate?

  20. Rochelle

    It was INC who inflict 1st the hatred to all religions, condemning the Catholics, Protestants and other religions to hell. In which it was in their PASUGO that Catholics, Protestants are of the devils. And on and on they continue to show their anti- Catholic perspective to their TV shows...
    Catholic defenders or apologists worldwide doesn't have an intention of hatred to inc in fact we are praying for them so that God will touch their hearts to go the the true home of Christianity which the Catholic Church.
    We are proving them wrong against their accusations and claims.

    1. i agree on this, what u wrote is true keb. nakakapnghinayang lang, kasi hindi nila alam mga sinasabi nila. ang mga madre at pari na nakasama ko sa aking paglaki, pati na din ang mga pari sa simbahan, never ko silang nadinig na nanghusga ng ibang relihiyon, kapayapaan ang nangingibabaw

  21. If you call that accusation mister then what would be left, the thruth? as Bro. Nate relayed you the points you should be aware of regarding YOUR CHURCH i guess this conversation has nothing to do but cause flame isnt it?

  22. Kung totoo paniniwala nyo, bakit sa mga members nyo, ministro, diakono, diakonesia at sa iba pang mga officials nyo di masagot ng maayos ung ibig sabihin ng "huling araw"? diba ang huling araw ibig sabihin wala ng bukas, doomsday na sa araw na un kung kelan sinugo si felix nung araw na un. bakit buhay na tayo? bakit pinanganak si erano manalo at edwardo manalo kng si felix ang sugo? Magisip kayo! pano kung ako ang boss nyo sa work at sabihin ko last day mo na magwork dito, ibig sabihin pala sa inyo may bukas pa pla sa inyo? anak ng wala! mag isip nga kau! nagpapayaman lang kau ng tao ng wla naman pakinabang sa inyo.