Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tantrum of INC Eduardo Manalo

Manila, Philippines - Eduardo Manalo is showing tantrums on lack of his expected respect on government appointments under the Noynoy Aquino administration. Under the previous Gloria Arroyo regime, Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) enjoyed a comfortable accommodation. But things are different right now. The Philippines has a new president which is convincingly voted by the Filipino people unlike Gloria Arroyo. Eduardo Manalo is also a new INC leader who inherited the leadership from his father who passed away last year. Eduardo Manalo has still a lot to prove. Inheriting leadership should be proved more than having the same blood of your ancestors. As a leader, you have to display the needed character which it appears that Eduardo Manalo is lacking. The childish attitude of Eduardo Manalo shows how weak the INC religious cult nowadays. In the first place, why would a religious leader be involved in government appointments? Why Eduardo Manalo be disappointed if his recommendations for government appointments were not followed by the Philippine president? (It has been reported that INC endorsed/pushed the appointment of the director of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)).

Politics is dirty as they say. INC likes to play in mud like a pig. If INC has a decency of staying clean out of spiritual reasons, why would INC allow themselves to be involved with politics? It's because the INC survival is now solely relying on their political connections. The continued decrease of INC membership is alarming. Very alarming. Actually, since from the start, INC has been involved with politics. From Felix Manalo, Erano Manalo and now Eduardo Manalo likes to be involved with politics. The political failures of Erano Manalo from the past maybe are being reaped by his son Eduardo Manalo. Erano Manalo used to support Ferdinand Marcos against Cory Aquino (Noynoy's mother). The INC involvement on EDSA3 is also unforgettable. That is how far the INC would go if their political agendas are being given by the Philippine government. INC voted for Joseph Estrada previously and when Estrada was ousted by Gloria Arroyo, INC did not liked it. So the INC marched during the EDSA3 to unseat Arroyo and reinstate Joseph Estrada. The protest ended in amicable agreement between Arroyo and the INC. On the report of Ramon Tulfo, it has mentioned that ….

The source said the religious sect’s withdrawal of support from the Aquino administration is expected to have grave political repercussions for the fledgling administration.

We should not be intimidated by the bluffing of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC). It can be only a tactic of INC so Noynoy would be crawling back to the claws of INC. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a well-known political cult here in the Philippines. INC cult should not be trusted. They should be feared. INC is a dangerous cult who would use everything they can to get what they want. Eduardo Manalo is a childish freak expecting political favors just like what they have enjoyed under Gloria Arroyo administration. Eduardo Manalo should stop dreaming and wake up that INC deserves much respect as he have expected. The INC cult should be treated as they deserve. INC is a cult. INC should be treated as a cult. Eduardo Manalo is a childish seeking special attention. Eduardo Manalo should be ignored.



  1. This blogger is a trying hard texe marrs copy cot. That's the result of a soul not being feed for many days by the words of God, I felt pity for this blogger. May the presence of God will come to you soonest.

    But what can i say is that you have no right to say that words to a person who you didn't even know. What you speak is what you are, therefore you should take good care of your mouth not to commit sin. You speak things as if you know everything in this world, your statements are based on hate and not in factual evidences yet you wanted to persuade your readers to believe you.

    I don't know who you are or where you're from and i don't even know what persuades you to do these things, but one thing i can say... you are saying something malignant to a person in which you cannot defend.

    If you wanted some clarification try to enlighten yourself with the truth and not by your hatred in the world. May the mercy of the almighty will guide you always wherever you right now and I am praying that HE will protect you from any harm wherever you are this time.


  2. This blogger is highly have personal gain wanted to achieve, all he mentioned were exaggerated. I'm a sociologist, involved on different religious researches here in the Philippines my research shows that the number of members of INC from 2005 upto 2010 were virtually INCREASING in contradict to what the blogger was saying. And even in the aspect of politics they merely expressing their faith and it is highly admirable despite of persecutions onto them by other influential persons especially on the provinces.

    I'm not INC member, but let the truth be shown and accept the fact they're powerful religion because of their UNITY and PERSEVERANCE as well as LOYALTY of their religion that others cannot!

    i really admired them.
    i challenged the blogger to proved to me that there is no any condemnable act of other religions, and i will give credit to what you are saying.

    1. Huwag ka na lang magsinungaling! Magkunwari ka pang hindi sakop sa Kulto ni Manalo, pero sa pananalita mo ay Manalo Cult defender ka...

  3. Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos

    Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae? Magkapatid sa ama si Eraño Manalo at Jun Santos? Tiyuhin ni Eduardo Manalo si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos? Kung totoo ngang maraming ginalaw na babae si Felix Manalo, mali na agad ang pundasyon ng Iglesia Ni Cristo. Sana malagpasan ng mga INC ang scandal about the Rosita Trillanes case.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo

    Si Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo ay napapabalitang anak din ni Felix Manalo at kung ang pagbabatayan ay mukha, para ngang kamukha ni Felix Manalo si Rene Panoncillo. Sana tigilan na ng mga Iglesia Ni Cristo ang paninira sa mga katoliko kasi mismong Iglesia Ni Cristo members at ang Manalo family ay may kasiraan din.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo History

    Alam naman ng lahat na si Felix Manalo ay galing din sa iba't-ibang religions. Nabautismuhan si Felix Manalo sa ibang religions pero hindi mismo sa sariling religion na itinatag niya. I doubt na sugo nga ng Dios si Felix Manalo. Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae?

    These are just simple deadly questions.
    The answers are more frightening.

  4. hahaha ang kalikutan ng isip... sabi nung isa totoo ba???, sabi naman nung isa kung titingnan sa mukha para nga... !!!! watta?? be responsible na man tayo... mga pilipino nga naman talaga ang hilig sa chizzzmizzz, alamin nyo muna bago kayo magbanggit,,, pano kung kayo ang nasa kalagayan nila,..? mayamasabi lang ohhhh

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  6. tumigil na kayo sa paninira sa iglesia ni cristo,naiinggit lang kayo kasi marami nang natulungan ang mga iglesia,eh kayo may naitulong na ba kayo sa mga kababayan natin?kaya hindi umaasenso ang pilipinas dahil sa paninira nyo,kung ako sa inyo buhay nyo na lang ang atupagin nyo hindi yong mabubuting tao.tamaan ka sana ng bukol sa bunganga mo.

    1. The blogger who wrote the false story is in sad state of mind. I know he envy the Iglesia who only tell the truth and the basis of the gospel are always written in the bible. The Iglesia ni Cristo does not add or delete what is in the bible. May the blogger who wrote the untruth about the iglesia come to his senses. May the lord forgive you.

    2. Sana patawarin ng Diyos ang malikot na isip ng blogger na yan...