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Iglesia Ni Cristo and Christmas

Does Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrate Christmas Day?

I don't know but what I am aware of, is that the INC founder Felix Manalo have received the office of being a Pastor and as a "Tagapamahala ng Iglesia" on December 25, 1918. The 5th anniversary of Iglesia Ni Kristo on December 25, 1918 confirms that INC indeed, started in 1913 and not 1914. This is also a clear and logical argument that INC may have started as a "church" in December 25, 1913 since the Pasugo (July 27, 1989) stated that the first fruits of his preaching were baptized at the Pasig River in late 1913.

If the Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrates the January 1 New Years Day, I think it would be acceptable (for INC) to also celebrate the INC anniversary during December 25, as Felix Manalo have previously celebrated also.

Iglesia ni Kristo

Maynila, Disyembre, 1918


Mapitagan naming inaanyayahan ang iyong kamahalan sa gaganaping pagdiriwang ukol sa PAGPAPASALAMAT sanhi sa ika LIMANG TAONG BUHAY ng "IGLESIA NI KRISTO" sa Pilipinas at PAGPAPATONG NG KAMAY sa kapatid na Felix Manalo sa tungkuling pagka Pastor at Tagapamahala ng Iglesia. Ito'y idaraos sa Sine "Gloria" blg. 1649 daang Sande, Tundo, (Maynila) sa ika 25 ng Disyembre sa taong ito sa ganap na ika walo ng umaga (8:00 a.m.) ng nasabing araw.

Lubos ng aming pag-asa na pararangalan ng inyong pagharap ang nabanggit na pagdiriwang sa araw at oras na nabanggit.

Ang mga gumagalang,
Pang. ng Lupon
Kalihim ng Lupon
Kagawad ng Lupon

THE BARRIO OF Punta, Sta. Ana lies at the confluence of the Pasig and San Juan Rivers. In this place, Brother Felix Y. Manalo began fulfilling the prophecies of God about His last messenger who will emerge in the Far East at the time called "ends of the earth." He first introduced the Church to the workers of Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Company (A.G. & P.). The first fruits of his preaching were baptized at the Pasig River in late 1913..
Pasugo - July 27, 1989


  1. Iglesia ni Cristo , the religion of Manalo, is actually not remote from any other belief. With just a few difference, INC is basically just like any other religion including its celebrations. so what`s new? NOTHING...

  2. Iglesia Ni Cristo Wedding or INC Weeding

    • Falling in love with an INC member can be a complete misery. You don't change religion because your fiancée ask you to do it. You don't change religion in exchange of love. Partners should respect each other's beliefs. Love and marriage should mean willing to accept other one's beliefs. You do not enforce some weird doctrines to your love one for them to believe in it.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Baptism

    • Baptism in the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult marks the beginning of the spiritual misery anyone would suffer. Weird doctrines will be brainwashed on each and every Church gatherings. Church contributions will be used in purchasing properties and church businesses. Blind followers will be used during election periods.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Lingap sa Mamamayan

    • Hypocrisy. All the INC 'good works' will be displayed and broadcasted while deep inside, Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that only INC members will be going to heaven. ALL non-INC members will burn in hell. Catholics, Muslims and protestants will all burn in hell. The INC doctrine is cruel to judge everyone who are not members of their cult.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo New Era University expensive

    • INC members do not even enroll their children to New Era University. Most of them enroll their children to Catholic Schools. (Even though that INC really hates Catholics)

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  5. December 25th as Christ's birthday makes its way into a "calendar" or chronology created in 354 AD/CE called the Calendar of Filocalus or Philocalian Calendar. In addition to listing the 25th of December as the Natalis Invicti, which means "Birth of the Unconquered (Sun)," the Calendar also names the day as that of natus Christus in Betleem Iudeae: "Birth of Christ in Bethlehem Judea." Hence, we can see that people of the fourth century were clearly aware of the association, if not identification, of Christ with the sun, as they had been in Cyprian's time and earlier, since Jesus is claimed to be the "Sun of Righteousness" in the Old Testament book of Malachi (4:2).

  6. “And you will be hated by everyone because of my name, but whoever will endure until the end, he will be saved.” Matt. 10:22