Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo LTO Chief Virginia Torres

Manila, Philippines - What kind of Government officials does Iglesia Ni Cristo produce? Look at INC member Congressman Rodante Marcoleta. Our honorable(?) Congressman Marcoleta ate with Gloria Arroyo in expensive restaurants in New York while the Filipino people are eating noodles and sardines. Marcoleta even had a nerve to imply that the Catholic Church as a threat to national security during the deliberation of the Reproductive health bill. Marcoleta also failed to support the Freedom of Information Bill for being absent or late or did not voted for the much needed law aimed for the full disclosure of transactions involving public interest. This is how the INC member Congressman Rodante Marcoleta will be remembered by the Filipino people as a government official. It's a good thing I did not wasted my vote for Congressman Rodante Marcoleta. I think it is more embarrassing for INC how their favorite anointed president Gloria Arroyo turned out to be. What kind of teachings / doctrines that the INC teaches to a guy like Rodante Marcoleta?

Iglesia Ni Cristo and Reproductive Health Bill No. 3773
Iglesia Ni Cristo Congressman Rodante Marcoleta 

Here comes another government official who is an INC member. (Land Transportation Office) LTO chief, Assistant Transport Secretary Virginia Torres. Recent headlines detailed how some people tried to take over the Stradcom office, by force. Stradcom is the exclusive information technology (IT) provider of the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Stradcom showed video footages caught by closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras includes INC member Virginia Torres entered the Stradcom facility with some people who took over Stradcom office for six hours. LTO Chief Virgie Torres said that she is just 'securing the database of LTO'. In my opinion, I think that is a very lame excuse and Stradcom has a point to file a case against Virgie Torres. How dare she entered the office of Stradcom to secure the database when she can simply order policemen or security personnel to do so? And the event was a siege, a violent trespassing and lawless takeover of a private company. Iglesia Ni Cristo member Virginia Torres have really lot of explaining to do.

I wonder why Iglesia Ni Cristo political cult group allowing themselves to be embarrassed by this kind of fiasco? Are INC members proud of having an INC congressman like Rodante Marcoleta? Are INC members proud of having a government official like LTO Chief Virginia Torres? Is this LTO-STRADCOM issue have got something to do with the suspicious Driver’s license printer contract of Amalgamated Motors Inc. (Ampi), owned by a senior member of the INC? [link] Inquirer.net: Driver’s license printer has no contract with LTO. 

I just like to ask,
Is Iglesia Ni Cristo planning a total takeover of the all LTO contracts which costs billions of Pesos through the years?

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