Thursday, December 9, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo and Ping Lacson

Also in those meetings were Estrada's son and San Juan Mayor Joseph Victor "JV" Ejercito, columnist Herman Tiu Laurel, and Lito Banayo, Estrada's political affairs adviser and now media consultant of Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson. El Shaddai representatives were invited as well.

At the same time, the INC is lending discreet support to Lacson's political base-building efforts. On our provincial visits, "someone would whisper to us and say we should drop by the Iglesia head chapel," a Lacson aide revealed. Lacson now calls on the Iglesia on every provincial sortie, said the aide.

The directive to support Lacson comes from INC executive minister, EraƱo 'Ka Erdie' Manalo himself. "Ang bilin daw ni Ka Erdie, 'si Ping, suportahan ng todo-todo. 'Yan ang papalit kay Erap,'" said the aide. (Ka Erdie said, 'Let us give Ping our full support. He is likely to succeed Erap.')


The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) exposed the 'clear preference' of the political cult Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) to Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson on their article entitled Iglesia Ni Cristo: Church at the Crossroads. The article narrated how INC had trouble in their balancing act during the expulsion of Joseph Estrada from Malacanang and the arrival of Gloria Arroyo in the palace. 'Ka Erdie' Manalo (when he was still alive) had his eyes on Ping Lacson's political career. But in the 2004 presidential election, INC opted to support Gloria Arroyo and not Ping Lacson. Why? Because Lacson was not a constant front runner of any surveys for presidential election. But that does not stopped INC in supporting Ping Lacson. On the 2007 Senatorial Election, INC supported Panfilo Lacson for its senatorial bid.

Now that the Government is serious in capturing Senator Ping Lacson for his alleged involvement in Dacer–Corbito Case murder case, I asked all my office mates where do they think that Lacson may be hiding. We all believe that Lacson is still here in the Philippines. Lacson is wise to anticipate that his passport will be cancelled or expire if the manhunt for him will be extended for a longer period of time. But where in the Philippines does Ping Lacson is hiding?  
My Opinion: Ping Lacson is hiding inside an Iglesia Ni Cristo protected area. Why?

1. Iglesia Ni Cristo area is a safe haven for hiding.

- Remember when Ferdinand Marcos tried to shut down INC's DZEC radio tower last September 1972? INC members shot and killed 3 marine soldiers in trying to follow Marcos' order to close down INC's radio tower. (Iglesia Ni Cristo: Church at the Crossroads) The same article reported that INC is armed to the teeth. "...Military intelligence sources say that the Iglesia has 1,000 to 2,000 high-caliber firearms in its armory, apart from guns owned by individual members who include soldiers and policemen. "

2. NBI Director Magtanggol Gatdula is an Iglesia Ni Cristo member.

Philippine News reported that NBI was tasked to look for Ping Lacson. NBI Director Magtanggol Gatdula is an INC member. Iglesia Ni Cristo has voted Ping Lacson as one of their senators on the 2007 national election. I highly doubt that INC will allow their "blessed" candidate to be captured and imprisoned by one of their own INC members. Ka Erdie Manalo endorsed/annointed Ping Lacson to be a senator. INC members elected Ping Lacson to be a senator. INC member Magtanggol Gatdula will capture and imprison Ping Lacson? That does not make any sense to me.

3. Panfilo Lacson know how powerful and influential Iglesia Ni Cristo is

PCIJ also reported on a different article that when Panfilo Lacson was still a senior police officer, Lacson have to get permission from INC headquarters in Quezon City before he was allowed to fire Col. Romeo Maganto, an INC member. (Iglesia Ni Cristo: A Most Powerful Union) Imagine how the influence of INC penetrates the government offices. This is in addition to the alleged INC 's involvement to a government contract in LTO. INC has also their own partylist representative in the Philippine congress.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is a political cult. A Religious mafia ruled by one family, the Manalo family. The political influence and power of the Manalo family is unquestionable. We can only hope that with our newly elected president Noynoy Aquino, change is already here. Separation of church and state should be applied.


  1. May the author of this blog be enlighten by the love of our GOD soonest.

    I think this is the result of people who have not feed words of GOD for several years. They are trying to speculate things that are beyond the realm of logical thinking, hoping that they can persuade un-informed readers from other places.

    Like this author, he is trying to correlate Ping Lacson to INC where in fact when Ping was vying for the highest post in the Philippines way back 2004, he have failed to get the support of the INC. And in some other blogs they say that Pres. Arroyo favored INC among others.

    We cannot see any valid support regarding the accusations made by this blogger except that he is maligning the church. We are the victim of this false accusations.

    Again, we know that if we know the truth the truth will set us free. For me I have no control over the author of this blog therefore i leave this to GOD for He only knew what are the truths behind everything. He knows the intention and content of the heart of everyone of us. Woe to those people that are telling lie to deceive others, those who are un-informed.

    All i can say to the author is that may the mercy of God be upon you and your family.

    1. Eh pano mga sinungaling kayo eh. Wag ka nga magsalita tungkol sa logical thinking kase walang kayong alam sa Logic.

      victim of false accusations? wag nyo nga akong gaguhin. pag sinabi kong mga MAMAMATAY tao kayo aaminin nyo ba?

    2. halatang my galit ang isang to ahh hahahah.. juan delacruz supot